From Hoopa: Captain Dougherty

It was serious business but it was necessary; otherwise all of the Hupa in the valley would have been rounded up and sent out of the area. Military records from that time clearly show that this was the ultimate plan. And it would have been carried out if it wasn’t for the strong resistance displayed by hundreds of Hupa men, women and other Indians in the area. Read More →

From Hoopa

The first adventure he took me on at that age was down into the head waters of Trish Tang Creek on a fishing trip. As it would turn out, we would make that trip down there every June or July for the next eight years straight. We would begin our trip by hiking south out of Box Camp, around the side of a mountain and then drop straight down to the creek below. Read More →

Sworn to Serve

Kristen Raymond, right, performed the swearing-in ceremony for newly-elected Tribal Councilmember Byron Nelson Jr., second from right, on Monday, November 25 as the Chairperson and Council looked on. Nelson represents the Mesket Field District after winning the special election held on Friday, November 15. / Photo by Kristan Korns, Two Rivers Tribune Read More →

Fish On: Battle for Rights

Over the past few weeks, the rocks arranged each year to read “Fish On” on the river bar below Blue Slide in Hoopa have been rearranged to spell obscenities. The first occurrence the rocks were rearranged by an unknown party to read “F&%$ On,” the second “F&^% Off,” and the third “F&%$ Off” again. Each time the Carpenter family and friends have fixed the vandalism by placing the rocks to spell “Fish On” again. After speaking with families who fought for tribal fishing rights in the 1970s, the TRT found it appropriate to republish an article written in 2009 about the significance of “Fish On.” We hope republishing the article, originally written by Manuel “Warrior” Sanchez, will remind those in our community who may have forgotten, or never learned, the solidarity and importance of “Fish On” to the Hupa way of life. Read More →

Hoopa Tribe Fires CFO at Council Meeting

The newest and youngest member of the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council, Ryan Jackson, said, “The honeymoon is over,” as he exited the Council Chambers after Thursday’s regular meeting. Read More →