Willow Creek

River Communities Frustrated with Verizon Cell Phone Service

Shaonna Sergeys-Chase shared her last eight speed tests with the Two Rivers Tribune. Her best connection recorded in eight tests over the course of the three months was 1.26 Mbps, but averaged .40 Mbps.“More than 98 percent of the U.S. population has access to 4G LTE,” the company states on their website. The other two percent likely live in areas like the Klamath-Trinity region where customers are logging record low internet connection speeds and complaining about poor cell phone signals in locations where service used to be satisfactory. Read More →

Chalk it up for Books

23-23 Chalk it up for books-Lucky Bear CasinoEach year, the library lends its sidewalk to community artists who are commissioned by sponsors who purchase space on the sidewalk. The library raised $910 this year. The money will be used to purchase items that are not included in their annual budget; books, craft supplies and more. Read More →

U.S. Flag Flipped Upside Down At Willow Creek Cemetery

The flag at the Willow Creek VeteranThe VFW has dealt with more than its share of theft and vandalism. Headstones have been stolen from gravesites, as well as grave decorations. A large picture of Bigfoot was carved into a cedar tree at the cemetery and people have used the area to dump garbage, walk dogs and do weird things, like using the tool shed to do “really weird things.” They removed the shed. The VFW has also had several items stolen from their building at Veteran’s Park. Read More →

Wildflower Hunters Gather Flora for Show

Purple Trillium./Photo by Charlotte Krupp, Two Rivers Tribune.Five folks went out to collect wildflowers for Willow Creek’s China Flat Museum’s Annual Wildflower show on May 5-6. The event not only celebrates the flora of eastern Humboldt County, it also signals the season opening of the China Flat Museum. Read More →

Making Contact

In addition to fiber cable, and to improve public safety, the project will include the construction of cellular towers in select areas to fill in coverage gaps along the Highway 299 corridor. On its “middle mile” path, Digital 299, led by Inyo Networks Inc., will connect more than 100 community institutions, such as schools, hospitals, clinics, public safety and other government institutions to high-speed broadband internet via a fiber optic cable. Read More →

Searching for Sasquatch

Bob Gimlin shares a friendly conversation with Chelsey Dickson, one of the organizers of Willow Creek’s famed Bigfoot Days Celebration. The Bigfoot Festival on Saturday, April 29 mimicked the annual Bigfoot Days Celebration that is held every Labor Day weekend. Dickson also helped coordinate events at last weekend’s festival./Photos by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune. Bigfoot hunters, trackers, researchers and enthusiasts convened in Willow Creek on Saturday, April 29, to revel in all things Bigfoot alongside the cast and crew from Finding Bigfoot, a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet. Read More →

Sheriff Meets With Willow Creek

In Willow Creek, he heard from many of the participants about their concerns about transients who hang out on Highway 96 and detract from potential tourists and residents. Hoopa area residents and others will have a chance to meet with Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey this week in one of his planned discussions with community members. Read More →

Residents Voice Concerns About Klamath River Dams

More than 20 Orleans area residents expressed their concerns about the dams on the Klamath River at a scoping meeting before California Water Resources Control Board officials last week. All of the speakers said they want the dams removed./Photo by Leslie Lollich, TRT Contributor.An ex Yurok and Karuk water scientist stood up to put on record that “spring Chinook have been suffering since conquest.” He also reminded the water board that the dams would only rightly be considered point source polluters, since, removal of the dams would release accumulated mercury sludge. Pointing out that the dams were a genocidal project, he set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Read More →