Scientists, Tribes, Firefighters Trade Solutions

Carl Skinner was just one month from retirement last week, the final stretch in a long, productive career. It’s the month when many are tempted into short-timer minimalism, but instead he traveled to Orleans for three busy days of conferencing with fire managers, tribal practitioners, fire-aware locals and other scientist-researchers like himself. Read More →

Hoopa Talks Drugs and Tough Topics at Crowded Community Meeting

“We need to look at ways to get to the root of the problem. What’s putting our people in the system? The system is broken,” Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairwoman, Danielle Vigil-Masten said in her introductory remarks. “…It has become the norm to think it’s okay to break the law. But in our culture, there was no part for it. It never existed. There is no place in our basket for it. It all comes down to choices. For every choice there is a consequence.” Read More →

A River Runs Through Us

The Karuk Tribe and two other Orleans-based groups invited their neighbors last week for an update on the condition of the Klamath River and also to share a supper of venison stew. It was preaching to the faithful and to newcomers alike. More than 100 people attended. Read More →

TRT’s Photo of the Week

Gayle Pitsenbarger caught the sunrise at Tulley Creek with her camera on January 19. Have a photo to share? email it to: ahostler.trt@gmail.com Read More →


Orion Cosce took home his first big championship mixed martial arts belt on January 18, 2014 after he fought a headlining 170-pound event at Win River Casino in Redding. Cosce said his victory earned him more recognition in his pursuit of a professional career in MMA. His MMA record is at 3-0 and his title […] Read More →

Humboldt County Moves to Supplement Hoopa Ambulance with $200,000

Faced with the imminent closure of one of K’ima:w Medical Center’s two ambulance bases, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors agreed to provide $200,000 to help keep two fully-staffed ambulances operating in Eastern Humboldt. Read More →

Pumpkin Patch Kids

Key-yoh Donahue, center, and her classmates from the Yurok Tribe Ke’pel Head Start and Early Head Start picked out pumpkins during their fieldtrip to Trinity Valley Farms in Willow Creek on Thursday, October 24. / Photo by Kristan Korns, Two Rivers Tribune Read More →

Mountain Lion Killed Near Downriver Home

A young female mountain lion weighing approximately 90 pounds was shot and killed on Saturday morning, April 6, after it was treed by family dogs about 100 feet from a home. Brandon Henry-Richards said he was alerted to the cat by the unusual howling sounds his dogs made. He approached the dogs thinking one was […] Read More →