Youth Activities

Baseball Season Is Here!

Wilson Medina, Willow Creek Nationals 3rd baseman, fields a throw from the outfield during the Klamath Trinity Little League jamboree at Candystick last weekend. The jamboree was a huge success and had more participation and volunteerism in recent years for the KTLL.Klamath-Trinity Little League held their season opening jamboree in Willow Creek on Saturday, April 8. Players and fans converged at Candystick Park and Veteran's Park for sunny day of baseball./All Photos by Shelly Middleton. Read More →

Karuk Storytellers Bypass Bookshelf

Ben Saxon, back to camera, polls students for their reactions after a lesson in oral tradition and storytelling at Junction School in Orleans./Photo by Malcolm Terence, Two Rivers Tribune Contributor.For generations children were taken from Native families in the U.S. and sent to Indian boarding schools where they were instructed in the English language white culture at the expense of their own language and culture. The Karuk Tribe is using a handful of federal grants to move in the other direction with the present generation of young people. The new program was put into action when a group of story tellers came to river schools. Besides the stories, the group shared xuun sára, acorn bread or crackers, and champínishich, yerba buena tea. Jesse Goodwin, one of the students, nodded appreciatively at the snacks and said he’d never had either before. His classmates agreed. Read More →

Native Youth Advocate for Regulations on Smoking in the Movies

United Indian Health Services’ Teen Advisory Group, better known as TAG has been advocating for the American Indian Film Institute to promote a socially and culturally responsible depiction of smoking and of tobacco products in the films that they accept for their annual film festival. Read More →

Hoopa Youth Football Wraps up Season

The 2012 Single ‘A’ Hoopa Youth Football Team had an excellent learning season this year. With a record of only 2-6 the young Warriors never gave up. While the majority of the team consisted of first year players, they did well to step up and make their best effort to learn the fundamentals of football. We began the year using the same offensive formation as the Hoopa High School team. Read More →

Hoopa Wrestling Club Gets Lessons From a Fight Pro

Members of the Hoopa Freestyle Wrestling Club attended a Mixed Martial Arts/Wrestling clinic lead by UFC Fighter Urijah Faber, Saturday Oct. 6, 2012 at McKinleyville High School. The camp was hosted by Virgil Moorehead. RIGHT: Ben Nix, Jim Moon, Uriah Faber, Sammy Jones, Laurence Mitchell, Louis Cosce, JJ Price and Jack ... Read More →

Building Skills for Success

“I play basketball every day,” Moon said. “In the camp we learn new things to make us better; healthy eating habits, conditioning, and ways to be a well-rounded athlete.” Read More →

Hoopa Boy Plays Ball in the Outback

Hoopa’s Kyle Wright grew up playing football. A recent high school graduate, Wright hopes to play for Butte College. But the highlight of his athletic career thus far was playing on an international team in Australia this summer. Sponsored in part by the Hoopa Valley Tribe, Wright, a full back on the field, left for Australia on July 3 and returned on July 11. His team took first place in their bracket with players from California, Utah, and Australia. Read More →

Klamath-Trinity Little League Brings Together 200 Youth

A fourth-grader pitches the ball trying with all his might to get a strike. Believe it or not, it does happen from time to time. But, most of the time, if a player makes it to first base it’s because he walked there after four bad pitches. Read More →