Hoopa Soccer

Hoopa’s New Soccer Field Becoming a Reality

On March 31, the grassy area that will become home to a new soccer field in Hoopa just off of Highway 96 was the site of a great deal of activity as a work crew from Americorp’s Hoopa Valley TCCC led by Leslie Booth joined forces with 20 students from Humboldt State University’s Social Work Master’s Program in a massive tree-planting event. Volunteers made use of an abundance of wheel barrows, shovels, and all sorts of gardening tools. Read More →

A Field of Sprinklers

Crew leader, Tashanchet Wilson, and parent volunteer Arlen Doolittle, use a rented uger to help dig a line for the new sprinkler system for the soccer field in Hoopa. The field should be ready by the end of August. / Photo by Manuel Sanchez, Two Rivers Tribune.  With the world entrenched in World Cup soccer fandom, one Hoopa woman’s years of hard work have paid off, with the Hoopa soccer field one step closer to opening. On June 19-20, from 10 am to 3 pm, Tahsanchat Wilson led a group of 40 volunteers as they installed the sprinkler system for the field. Read More →