Trinity Valley Elementary

Schools Open After Mold Closure

The district-wide mold issue has come after the district finishes up on $17 million of other repairs in Trinity Valley, Orleans, Hoopa High and Hoopa Elementary campuses, that were largely due to mold as well./Photo by Keterah Lipscomb, Two Rivers Tribune.Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District (KTJUSD) students, teachers and other employees returned to school this week after administrators and others worked to address the recently-found mold problem. Read More →

Vandalism, Theft and Compulsive Arrangement in Willow Creek

 Children’s clothing and numerous other objects were found on Wednesday, May 7 inside the shed at the VFW Cemetery after a mowing crew discovered the lock broken. RIGHT: A child’s backpack with a name stenciled on the back was also found in the cemetery shed along along with items apparently arranged into some sort of a pattern for unknown reasons. “We have a wheelbarrow in there, and it was full of young children’s clothing. There was a girl’s jacket, a little kid’s ball cap, some baby booties, a kid’s pullover, a couple pairs of socks and a backpack with a little girl’s name stenciled on the front of it,” she said. Read More →

Community Focus on School Meal Program

Parents and school district staff are looking at more ways to deliver healthy and nutritious food to students in the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District (KTJUSD). Read More →

TVES Science Fair 2014

Young scientists displayed their work at the 2014 Trinity Valley Science Fair on Wednesday, February 26th. In addition to student displays, Jackie Hamilton from KEET TV offered hands-on activities for all. Students made balloon vehicles and launched them on a zip-line. Jackie provided a variety of materials for the young engineers to build with and create. Some vehicles sailed smoothly and others needed adjusting. Read More →

Charger Champions

The Trinity Valley Chargers took it to the Hoop and beyond, bringing back with them the first championship banner TVES earned in 20 years. The small, but mighty eighth grade boys basketball team traveled most of the season with the help of a dedicated group of parents who carpooled because of a lack of transportation […] Read More →

Mumps Surface at Trinity Valley Elementary School

A student at Trinity Valley Elementary School in Willow Creek was diagnosed with the Mumps, and the district warned parents that their children may have been exposed to the disease. Read More →

I-Na-Da the Snake

Those who attended elementary school in the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District since 1987 may remember I-Na-Da the snake. The pacific mountain gopher snake was given to a sixth-grade teaching duo, Donna Scott and Teresa Martinez by a reptile enthusiast who came to Hoopa Elementary School to conduct a demonstration. A mere seven-inches long in […] Read More →

How to Help Your Child do Well in School

It’s back to school time! We send our children to school for a lot of reasons (the law being one major factor), but what are you doing to help your kids be successful in school besides buying them school clothes and getting them on the bus every day? After school programs, sports, and other extracurricular activities are all very important in making your child a well-rounded and well prepared individual for college, the world, and for themselves and their communities. Read More →