Jack Norton Elementary

School District Moves Full Steam Ahead on Repairs

“The whole roof needs to come off,” KTJUSD Superintendent, Dione Beilby said. “It’s leaking down into the gym. We absolutely cannot have puddles of water and roof tiles falling down.” Read More →

Community Focus on School Meal Program

Parents and school district staff are looking at more ways to deliver healthy and nutritious food to students in the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District (KTJUSD). Read More →

How to Help Your Child do Well in School

It’s back to school time! We send our children to school for a lot of reasons (the law being one major factor), but what are you doing to help your kids be successful in school besides buying them school clothes and getting them on the bus every day? After school programs, sports, and other extracurricular activities are all very important in making your child a well-rounded and well prepared individual for college, the world, and for themselves and their communities. Read More →

10th Annual Fish Fair: We Are a Part of This Land

A few short months before the Klamath Fish Kill of 2002, teachers at Hoopa Elementary School organized a community event in hopes of bringing awareness and a sense of stewardship to their students and their families. Read More →

Op-Ed (Letter From New Sup: KTJUSD Getting a Makeover)

We commend the Two Rivers Tribune for taking both a reflective stance and a future forecast on Education in the Klamath-Trinity area. Spring is often thought of as a time of renewal of many things. Read More →

Fun with Fish

HOOPA, CA – As the spring salmon begin their run to their spawning grounds in the Klamath and Trinity River Watersheds, the Klamath-Trinity Fish Fair made its 9th annual run in the rivers’ schools and communities. This year’s Fair, which was held on June 3rd at schools in Willow Creek, Hoopa, and Orleans, focused on the theme "Take only what you need." Read More →

One Sight Program-A Resounding Success

The One Sight Program held for nine days from March 14 – 25 at the Hoopa Valley High School was a resounding success. Although final figures for the number of adults and children seen and the total amount of eyeglasses prescribed and delivered to local residents in the Klamath-Trinity area are still not available, best estimates are 1,000 children and 396 adults participated. Even those who did not need glasses received thorough eye exams. Read More →

Read Across America Celebrates the Joy of Reading

Read Across America is a cross-country campaign started 14 years ago by the National Education Association to promote literacy by encouraging parents to read to their children and help students improve their performance at school. The theme of this year’s Read Across America is ‘Serve Up a Good Book.’ and is being sponsored by the California Teachers Association (CTA). Read More →