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HEALTH FRONT: Diabetes Hope, Energy Drinks and Heart, Deadly Fashions

Scientists report a big step forward in the fight against type 1 diabetes. A 43-year-old-single mother with dangerously difficult-to-control diabetes had insulin-producing islet cells introduced into the belly. The cells began producing insulin faster than expected, and after a year she is doing well and doesn’t require insulin injections, the University of Miami reports. The new surgery was minimally invasive. Read More →

Health Front: : Toddlers and Technology

Letting a baby or toddler use a smartphone or tablet may lead to delays in talking, a new study suggests. “Handheld devices are everywhere these days,” said Catherine Birken, M.D. Her recent research included 900 children from Toronto, ages 6 months to 2 years. Read More →

Health Front: Impaired Driving Changes, Implants Differ in Genders

• In vehicle crashes that claim American lives, illicit drugs are now more likely to have played a role than the use of alcohol on its own, a new study report concludes. The trend comes as more states legalize marijuana and the nation faces a troubling rise in opioid abuse. In 2015, drugs were detected in 43 percent of drivers who suffered fatal injuries, a higher percentage than involving alcohol alone, the report found. Read More →

Health Front: Florida Opiate Capital, ATV Injuries, Hormone Essential Minerals

• Public Radio (PRI) is reporting that south Florida is the opioid overdose capital of the world. Police and firefighters are overworked and overwhelmed. Delray Beach appears to be the epicenter of the overdose epidemic which may have claimed over 800 lives last year. Read More →

Health Front: Blood Banks Zika Ready, Approved Hep C Drugs, Too Busy and Status

• U.S. blood banks are confident they have the tools to protect America’s blood supply from possible new Zika virus outbreaks during the upcoming mosquito season. A transfusion of Zika-tainted blood can pass the virus to an unsuspecting recipient, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More →

Health Front: New Genetic Health Risks, Drugs and Hair Samples

• The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the first direct-to-consumer genetic health risk tests. Known as the 23andMe Personal Genome Service Genetic Health Risk Tests, they assess a person’s inherited risk for 10 diseases and conditions. Read More →

Why We Use Pressure Canning to Preserve Meat, Fish, Vegetables and Low Acid Foods

2016-food-preservation-workshopsMolds, yeasts and bacteria microorganisms are our friends and foes. Without them there would be no bread, yogurt, cheese, or pickles, and we couldn’t digest our food! Some, on the other hand, cause spoilage, ruining flavor and shelf life. Some will make us ill, some dangerously ill. Read More →

Health Front

The more you use your brain the more it continues working better for you. Some of us use our brains a lot and some of us have surrendered to watching television. Your brain is bound to shrink as you age – it’s unavoidable. The rate of brain shrinkage increases with age and is a major factor in early cognitive decline and premature death. Loss of memory and depression occur slowly and subtly when the brain shrinks. People can mistake this low mood and frustration as anger, or when just about everything around them appears to need critiquing. Read More →