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Health Front: How to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

By boosting older adults’ participation in colon screening, colon cancer would kill 21,000 fewer people each year. Colon cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Yet, in 2013, only 58 percent of American adults aged 50 to 75 underwent the recommended screening for it. A study published March 12 in the journal Cancer said that lack of screening is responsible for a substantial percentage of colon cancer deaths. Read More →

Health Front: Heroin Overdoses Increasing

• More than 8,200 Americans, an average of 23 people each day, died of heroin overdoses in 2013. That’s according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This is the latest evidence that the nation’s heroin problem is becoming more severe. According to the CDC, the rate of overdose deaths in 2013 was almost triple what it was in 2010, and the increase is evident across all ethnic groups. Read More →

Health Front: Good Diabetes News, Texting and Driving

• A recent study suggests that roughly one-third of people with type-1 diabetes still produce insulin. Despite the long-held idea that type-1 diabetics cannot produce insulin, researchers report in the journal Diabetes Care that a good percentage do in fact secrete the hormone in a small way. Those type -1 diabetics that do secrete insulin now become a true subset of the type 1 population, which has important clinical and treatment implications. Read More →

Health Front: Four New Ebola Treatment Facilities in Bay Area

There are now 35 hospitals in the United States that are designated as Ebola treatment centers, states the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. An increasing number of hospitals are now equipped and ready to treat Ebola patients. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state health officials have updated, trained and prepared 35 hospitals for Ebola, with more expected in the next month. Read More →

Health Front: Vaccines, Kidney Stones and Ritalin Abuse

A CDC whistleblower has now gone public with a statement posted on a law firm web site that confirms that vaccine risks were suppressed or hidden, in regards to the increased risks of autism among African American males receiving the MMR vaccine. The letter, written by Dr. William Thompson does allege that CDC scientists wanted to alter or bury significant results linking the MMR vaccine in 2004. Since this time the CDC has always reported that vaccines are absolutely safe. The entire health care industry always marches lock-step behind them. Read More →

Medi-Cal Debt Weight Shaming Salty Kids

• Governor Brown has until September 30th to sign or veto several critical health and consumer protection bills, including SB1124 (Hernandez), a crucial bill that protects California families from having to choose between their health and their home. Current California law directs the state to recover from the estate of a deceased Medi-Cal recipient to recoup its long-term costs of the Medi-Cal beneficiaries. In 1993, the federal government began requiring all states to recoup the costs and apply liens on assets from the deceased Medi-Cal beneficiaries older than 55 years of age. Read More →

Health Front: The Health Benefits of Good Deeds

There are many benefits to helping other people in your community. In a book titled “The Healing Power of Doing Good,” author Allan Luks points out ten things that can happen to us when we are selflessly benevolent: Read More →

Health Front: Insurance Calls are Recordable. Do it!

In a recent report by the Los Angeles Times, Anthem Blue Cross was caught red-handed distorting the truth after denying a surgical procedure. David Cienfuegos, age 40, had his wife contact Anthem Blue Cross to make sure that the procedure he needed was covered by his Blue Cross policy, and that his doctor was in the Blue Cross physician network. The phone call to Blue Cross seemed to have verified that he did indeed have coverage, but after the operation he was left with $5,800 in medical cost when Anthem Blue Cross insisted that it never approved or verified that it would cover the service charges. Read More →