Sheriff Downey: Law Enforcement Coverage Comes With a Price Tag

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey and 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg were in Willow Creek on Thursday, March 27, to let residents know that law enforcement coverage won’t be increasing before 2017. Downey told the audience the economic downturn combined with an unexpectedly slow recovery had forced cuts in law enforcement coverage. Read More →

Shake up for K’ima:w Medical Center Board

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council voted on Monday, March 24, to advertise and interview for all positions on K’ima:w Medical Center’s (KMC) Board. Chairperson Danielle Vigil-Masten advised current K’ima:w Board members that they would remain in place until the positions were filled. Read More →

Tribal Council Votes ‘No’ on Water Rate Increase

Regular users in the Hoopa Valley currently get 10,000 gallons of water for $16 per month and elders get 5,000 gallons for $11. Customers in the rest of Humboldt County typically pay over three times the money for that amount of water. Read More →

Tribal Harvest 2014 Allotment of Adult Fall Chinook Salmon Low

Official harvest allotment numbers for this year’s run of adult fall Chinook won’t be released for another two weeks, but preliminary reports indicate they’ll be less than a third of last year’s. Read More →

Humboldt County Looks To Cut Another $2 Million From Budget

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune Humboldt County’s five supervisors met over video link from five different locations and took questions over Twitter for the County-wide public budget hearing on Thursday, March 6. Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, who represents the County’s 5th District, said, “I appreciate being able to have these County meetings here in Hoopa, [...] Read More →

Hoopa Tribe Delays District Attorney Endorsement

Although the Council declined to endorse her—they said they would like to hear from all of the candidates before endorsing anyone—they entertained a 30-minute impromptu question and answer session that ended with applause from the audience. Firpo, a Humboldt County Native, is currently Deputy District Attorney with the Humboldt County Office. She prosecutes a multitude of felony cases and said she sees that the eastern Humboldt County communities needs more outreach. Read More →

California Lawmakers Push Senate Bill to Ship Water South During Drought

With severe drought gripping the Western United States, several Hoopa tribal officials are in Washington D.C., where the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee is debating a bill designed to “maximize water supplies for famers.” Read More →

Still Styling in Willow Creek

“I’ve been doing hair here in town for 20 years – I worked with Carol Foster at Carol’s Country Curl for 19 years and then took the shop over and now I’ve been here a year as Still Styling,” Still said. Read More →