Hoopa Valley Tribe Acts To Protect Public Health and Safety

Last week, C&K Markets was informed by the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services of their concern about a rodent problem at the store and surrounding area. They have since accelerated pest control efforts already in place for a more aggressive solution with a professional pest control company. In addition to the rodent problem, a leaky roof was allowing water to drip down onto fresh produce. A drainage problem was found in the meat department. Polystyrene trays in the meat department were also found to be chewed by rodents./Photo by Keterah Lipscomb, Two Rivers TribuneThe Hoopa Valley Tribe was notified of an extensive rodent infestation in a building it leases to Ray’s Food Place grocery store, which is owned by C & K Market, Inc., on June 10, 2016. In response, Tribal Chairman Ryan Jackson issued a statement to the Hoopa Valley community on Facebook on June 11, 2016, calling the conditions identified in a report by the Indian Health Service, “wholly unacceptable.” Read More →

Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District Mold Eradication Complete By November

One of the new and improved classrooms Hoopa Elementary junior high students and teachers are able to enjoy. They are equipped with heating and cooling, computers and much more./Photo by Keterah Lipscomb, Two Rivers Tribune.Phase One of the district’s mold eradication started in April of 2014, when Trinity Valley Elementary School’s Gymnasium and six classrooms were shut down as well as Orleans Elementary School’s Gymnasium. In May 2015, both Hoopa High and Hoopa Elementary gymnasiums, four classrooms and six resource/pull-out rooms were closed due to mold. Read More →

Conspiracy Of Indifference: Press And Police Ignore Violence Against Native Women

Change is beginning to come, and it is at the grassroots level. By Mary Annette Pember.The “missing white woman syndrome,” explains the lack of media attention for missing Native women, according to Makoons Miller Tanner of Duluth. “Pretty, young, middle class white women make good victims versus Native women who may have criminal pasts,” noted Miller Tanner, who maintains the Justice for Native Women blog. Read More →

RedWind To Offer Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop In Yreka

All Native entrepreneurs are encouraged to register for this free two-day course. The training will benefit anyone who operates or is considering operating a small business. Read More →

Health Front: Some Herbal Alternatives For Pain and Swelling

• With the growing incidence of dependence of powerful pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, people are looking toward traditional herbs as a credible option. True, many people ultimately resort to the pharmaceutical pain killers due to urgency or desperation. But many wish there was another option that doesn’t come with dependence. Read More →

River Olympics Stir Competitive Juices And Memories

Students from three schools seem to barely touch the ground in one of the sprint events at last week’s River Olympics at Forks of Salmon Elementary./Photo by Jeff Buchin. Students from three small country schools gathered at Forks of Salmon Elementary School last week for the River Olympics. The annual event stirs many old memories in some and competitive juices in others in a day of grade-school sporting events. Read More →

More Than Five Hundred Residents Were Without Power

Power outage was due to a tree down on a power line near Fish Lake Road in Bluff Creek./Photo by Leslie Lollich, Two Rivers Tribune Contributing writer.More than 500 residents were without power for about 16 hours last week when trees hit power lines near Bluff Creek. Read More →

Health Front: Cell Phone Radiation, Rethinking Low Salt Diets, Pot and Pregnancy

• Most health authorities do not think that radiation from phones cause cancer. However, a new federal study found that the radiation from cell phones had increased the risk of tumor development in hearts and brains of male rats. The study is from the National Toxicology Program, part of the Department of Health and Human Services whose job it is to assess the possible risks of chemicals. Read More →