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Stop The Drain

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More on Rat Infestation

The Hoopa Valley Tribe issued a press release to address the community about the rodent infestation and subsequent closure of the only grocery store in Hoopa, Ray's Food Place. Click Here For the Full Story   Read More →

Salmon Run #14

Hundreds of area residents participated in the 14th Annual Salmon Run along the Klamath and Trinity Rivers this year. It started Friday morning at the mouth of the Klamath River and ended at Iron Gate Dam Saturday night. Runners were supported by community members with food, transportation and lodging. They ran mostly on Highway 96. […] Read More →

Taking A Stand

On May 18 The Hoopa Valley Youth Council and additional students held a No Show and protest against Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District over Mold and other issues. The protest was held at the Hoopa Youth Center near the District Office from 10:30 a.m. until noon. Students demanded to speak with Jon Ray Superintend […] Read More →

Public Safety

“We are in crisis,” Leanne Estrada, who has been involved in law enforcement reform since her son was killed during an incident with police in December of 2014. “Our programs don’t have enough people or funding to handle our substance abuse issues. We have a huge problem. Right now, the people downtown are there needing […] Read More →

Restoring Vital Habitat

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Burn Smart or Burn Hot

Lisa Morehead-Hillman, Food Security Project Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe, reminded participants that the proposal area was above the Karuk village sites of Katimiin and Ameekyáaraam, which would require consultation with the tribe before beginning work. /Photo by Will Harling, Mid Klamath Watershed Council. Click here for the story Read More →