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Dangerously Dirty

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Blue Heron

Merkie Oliver shows off his hand carved eel hooks. The photographer Thomas Dunklin called the photo his “best portrait ever.” Last week Dunklin and Brian Tripp, the artist and ceremonial singer, paid a visit to Merkie, who is recovering from a heart condition. They talked about the old days of dancing, eeling, ceremonial dancing and […] Read More →

Firefighters of the Future

A Heli-tack crew described to grade school students what a Type 3 Helicopter does. It carries 180 gallons of water at a time to fire zones. It drops water onto fire accurately. The bird is small, so it’s precision is on point. They also spoke about safety and hazards on the aircraft, and career opportunities […] Read More →

Spring Wild

From trilliums to kitten ears, more than 100 local wildflowers filled the Willow Creek Museum last weekend  during the Annual Wildflower Show. Displayed in antique glass bottles and jars, most of the flowers bore a name placard.  Some were mystery flowers still unidentified by local flower enthusiasts. The show, complete with a potluck and guest […] Read More →

Honor Walk

Public Health Nurse from K’ima:w Medical Center, Martha Meade; Alden Yazzie; Humboldt County District Attorney, Paul Gallegos and Project Connect manager, Pam Risling take a lap around the Hoopa Football Field to campaign against sexual assault.  April was declared Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month by the Hoopa Valley Tribe./Photo by Jewel Frank, Project Connect. Read More →

Fired Up

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Walk on the Wild Side

Lions, tigers, foxes, bears, and even a few fairies swarmed Willow Creek on Saturday during the all-species parade at the Wildlife Fair sponsored by Studio 299 and Creekside Arts and Education. Real live owls were there too, and carnivorous plants were seen lurking nearby./Photo by Kristan Korns, Two Rivers Tribune Click Here for the Story Read More →

Doorway to Adventure

Hoopa Valley Elementary School students from Teacher Teresa Cyr’s third grade class head through the doorway to adventure during a class project near Tish Tang Campground. Students designed a scavenger and quest to teach visitors about the area’s plants and animals, and acted in a short film about exploring the outdoor./Photo by Kristan Korns, Two […] Read More →