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Burn Smart or Burn Hot

Lisa Morehead-Hillman, Food Security Project Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe, reminded participants that the proposal area was above the Karuk village sites of Katimiin and Ameekyáaraam, which would require consultation with the tribe before beginning work. /Photo by Will Harling, Mid Klamath Watershed Council. Click here for the story Read More →

An Eye on the Future

Laverne Glaze, the Karuk basket weaver and tribal activist, says that she gave her first basket away, to her mother. But she confessed that she has been too proud of her work to let go of most of the rest. She played a role in the federal recognition of the tribe years ago and of […] Read More →

Deadly Roads

In 2014 alone, at least five hit and run collisions involving pedestrians have been documented in Hoopa and Willow Creek alone. Two of which were fatal. The three others suffered moderate to major injuries. On a broader scale, Native Americans continue to face a higher risk of traffic-related injuries and fatalities. In California alone, between […] Read More →

Dangerously Dirty

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Blue Heron

Merkie Oliver shows off his hand carved eel hooks. The photographer Thomas Dunklin called the photo his “best portrait ever.” Last week Dunklin and Brian Tripp, the artist and ceremonial singer, paid a visit to Merkie, who is recovering from a heart condition. They talked about the old days of dancing, eeling, ceremonial dancing and […] Read More →

Firefighters of the Future

A Heli-tack crew described to grade school students what a Type 3 Helicopter does. It carries 180 gallons of water at a time to fire zones. It drops water onto fire accurately. The bird is small, so it’s precision is on point. They also spoke about safety and hazards on the aircraft, and career opportunities […] Read More →

Spring Wild

From trilliums to kitten ears, more than 100 local wildflowers filled the Willow Creek Museum last weekend  during the Annual Wildflower Show. Displayed in antique glass bottles and jars, most of the flowers bore a name placard.  Some were mystery flowers still unidentified by local flower enthusiasts. The show, complete with a potluck and guest […] Read More →

Honor Walk

Public Health Nurse from K’ima:w Medical Center, Martha Meade; Alden Yazzie; Humboldt County District Attorney, Paul Gallegos and Project Connect manager, Pam Risling take a lap around the Hoopa Football Field to campaign against sexual assault.  April was declared Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month by the Hoopa Valley Tribe./Photo by Jewel Frank, Project Connect. Read More →