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A Store And More

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Making Contact

The Digital 299 project will consist of an underground conduit system, large-sized fiber optic cable and a half-dozen prefabricated buildings. The cable will roughly follow Highway 299, but will diverge onto alternative routes to minimize traffic control on the highway during construction./Photos courtesy of Inyo Networks Inc. Click Here For The Story Read More →

If You Build It, They Will Come

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Fisheries Department, assisted by crews from Hoopa Valley Roads and Aggregate and Kapel Construction, will work through June to restore the flood plain area of Mill Creek in Hoopa to improve salmon spawning and rearing habitat./Photo by Teresa Mitchell, Two Rivers Tribune. Click Here for the Full Story Read More →

Hoopa Valley Tribe Testifies Against Westlands in Federal Court

On Monday, the Hoopa Valley Tribe testified in front of a panel of three federal judges asking them to overturn a previous ruling in favor of San Luis and Delta-Mendota Water Authority and Westlands Water District. From left to right: Hoopa Valley Tribal Fisheries Director Mike Orcutt, Self-Governance Director Daniel Jordan, Chairman Ryan Jackson and […] Read More →

Obama Blocks Dakota Pipeline, Orleans March Typical of National Opposition

A crowd of 75 locals marched through Orleans last week in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. On Sunday the federal government declared that the pipeline company would not be granted a permit to bury pipe under the Missouri River at that location/Photo by Konrad Fisher, Klamath Riverkeeper. For full story click here Read More →

Stop The Drain

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More on Rat Infestation

The Hoopa Valley Tribe issued a press release to address the community about the rodent infestation and subsequent closure of the only grocery store in Hoopa, Ray's Food Place. Click Here For the Full Story   Read More →

Salmon Run #14

Hundreds of area residents participated in the 14th Annual Salmon Run along the Klamath and Trinity Rivers this year. It started Friday morning at the mouth of the Klamath River and ended at Iron Gate Dam Saturday night. Runners were supported by community members with food, transportation and lodging. They ran mostly on Highway 96. […] Read More →