Prepare For Slides

This rock slide temporarily closed State Route 96 west of Happy Camp. Several rock slides on  SR-96 and SR-299 caused road closures or controlled traffic throughout recent storms./Photo courtesy of the past couple of weeks, slides have closed highways on both state routes 96 and 299, sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes for a couple days. As of Friday, highway 96 was open to one-way traffic near Clear Creek south of Happy Camp. All state routes on 299 in the Two Rivers region were open. Read More →

Meeting of the Fire Minds

Learning to burn. The public met in SawyerDuring the summer, one of the driest on record, 220,000 acres were afire in the Klamath Forest and, at the peak, 6,800 firefighters were deployed. It all cost approximately $175 million. The Two Rivers Tribune attended the Salmon River AAR session. The area near the community of Sawyers Bar burned in the White’s Fire and there were a few days when the town itself was threatened. Read More →

Beat the Heat

With the dog days of summer heating up all over the country pushing temps into the triple digits, it is important to stay hydrated and keep cool, especially for children and the elderly. Read More →