Divorce Sucks Until It Doesn’t

James is a writer, artist, teacher, optimist, father, a survivor and much more. He has a vision to give people hope-the kind of hope that starts people thinking ahead with some optimism. James hopes to spread and share his positivity with the world and is responsible for the now viral #counterpunchhatewithlove movement./Photo courtesy of James Calderon.What an interesting week eh? With the presidential election being over, it seems like the collective consciousness has finally reared its ugly head. On one side we have people gloating over the win of their desired candidate, and on the other side we have people grieving over the loss their party has experienced. It’s sad to see people at each other’s throats both on and offline. Of all my years on this planet, this is the most divided I have seen our nation. So why do I still have hope? Well, this whole division thing we are experiencing reminds me of divorce. There is no way around it, divorce sucks until it doesn’t anymore. Read More →

Hoopa Woman Swims From Alcatraz Island To San Francisco Crossing For Diabetes Awareness

American Indian and South End Rowing Club, San Francisco support swimmers, take time out for a “We can do it!” cheer during a training swim prior to the 1.5 mile Alcatraz Island to San Francisco  swim on October 10./Photo by PATHSTAR.The 14 Annual Alcatraz Swim Week began on October 2 and included an eight-day event, which is a component of PATHSTAR’s (www.pathstar.org) year-round program to educate and encourage wholesome nutrition and a stay-active lifestyle among American Indian and Alaska Natives. Among the participants is Hoopa Tribal member Shawna Jackson, along with other Native American health activists from all around Indian Country. Read More →

Tips From the Potting Bench: Soil Temps and Timing

Timing is everything so just how do you tell when to do what? One way is by the calendar. Generally speaking the USDA says our last average frost date for spring is April 15. Now, average last frost date is not the last frost date though it does give us a good benchmark to plan by. Dates on a calendar can be fickle though so in addition to knowing the average last frost date there is another, more surefire way to know if conditions in your garden are right for sowing or transplanting certain seeds and plants. Read More →

From Hoopa

The first adventure he took me on at that age was down into the head waters of Trish Tang Creek on a fishing trip. As it would turn out, we would make that trip down there every June or July for the next eight years straight. We would begin our trip by hiking south out of Box Camp, around the side of a mountain and then drop straight down to the creek below. Read More →

Light on the Devils, Coming of Age on the Klamath

Of course, this makes the books I really had trouble putting down something special and that includes the book Light on the Devils, Coming of Age on the Klamath. It’s a book about the last years of the timber boom in Happy Camp and a story well told by Louise Wagenknecht, who has written it down from the perspective of her high school years there. Read More →

Minnesota Man Explores Rez Life in Writing

Like many who grew up on reservations, David Treuer lives in multiple worlds. His experience ranges from an Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota where he trolled for wild rice and speared walleye, to the halls of universities where he teaches writing. Read More →

Comic-Con: It’s Like Christmas in July

Comic book nerds and sci-fi geeks everywhere rejoice each year as the International Comic-Con event rolls into San Diego. For many it’s a pilgrimage from all parts of the globe, an opportunity to bask in the glow of their favorite crime fighters and villains. But even if you’re not a self-proclaimed comic book junkie, you’re sure to find something or someone of interest at this epic superhero wonderland. Read More →

Talking Fish, Pirates and Singing Chickens

Talking fish, singing chickens, and adventures on the moon and under the sea were all part of the school day at Trinity Valley Elementary in Willow Creek on Thursday, Nov. 29. Read More →