VOICES: Women’s Wellness Gathering Thank YOu

23-18 WomenThank you to all our local and regional collaborating partners who made the 15th Annual Native Women and Girls Wellness Gathering a great success. More than 50 women of all ages attended this annual event entitled “The Sacredness of Motherhood”. Presenters shared information about what makes a healthy pregnancy and childhood, and growing, cooking and preparing healthy foods. Networking and educational presentations on health and wellness included, pain management, massage, essential oils, reflexology, gardening, Tai Chi, Hands Are For Healing Quilting, domestic violence, and diabetes prevention and disease management. Read More →

VOICES: Maymi Preston-Donahue

Ayukii! I want to thank all who joined in or taught with the Native parenting classes that I helped organize with the Karuk Tribe’s Food Security department. The classes were part of my community project for the Masters in Social Work program at HSU. Read More →

VOICES: Maori Healing Techniques Brought to River People

I believe the Maori Healing methods are the closest methods to our own on this continent and we can learn from them, eventually finding our own Traditional Healing methods. We have been hosting these events through the non-profit, The Indigenous Youth Foundation assisted by small grants and fundraising. Funds are raised so that community members can freely come for a healing. Nobody is turned away. Elders, children—everyone is welcome to learn from the Maori Healers. All we ask is for gifts and offerings for the Healers, as they have traveled a long way to bring their Traditional Healing to us. Read More →

The First Baptist Church of Hoopa in conjunction with the Louisiana Group (LA TEAM) from the Castor, Beinville and Saline areas of Louisiana thank you for the donations, the help, the volunteering and giving-up free time, to spend time with the youth and children of our entire area. Read More →

VOICES: Thank You Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Hello friends and neighbors, my name is Ready Davis. I’m one of the owners of the Bigfoot Equipment saw shop in Willow Creek. We would like to thank the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, and more specifically Deputies Greg Berry and Tismil Matilton, for recovering the goods taken from us by Wayne McCovey and several of his friends. The persistence of these two officers and help from the local community quickly resolved this issue and kept us from having to permanently close our business. Read More →

VOICES: Letter To The Editor From Dawn Blake

I got to witness, firsthand, the amazing success of this year’s Acorn/Warrior Camp. I was privileged to participate in several capacities as a parent and in other ways. It is a great love for culture that goes into this camp and I commend those who worked so diligently to make it all happen. There was a special enthusiasm throughout the age groups from the preteen participants to the teenage participants, councilors and presenters. It’s really hard to put that many people in close proximity and to avoid personality conflicts, power struggles and the like, but the camp mission over-came. Read More →

VOICES: School Board Addresses Community

As you know, the past school year has been challenging, but we are pleased to report that we have made significant strides in improving the quality of education and services provided to our students. We, the members of the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees, write to thank you for your patience, inconvenience, and flexibility during this school year, especially those of you who have personally committed your time, energy, and resources for the benefit of our students. Read More →

VOICES: Four Initiatives Slated For The Hoopa Valley Tribes June Election

Its springtime and the towns and neighboring communities are bustling with life as former outlaw guerilla growers transition to gentlemen ( and gentlewomen) farmers. Much has changed in one year. This past year, the California legislature adopted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. Humboldt County approved its own Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, recognizing the economic value of the industry to local communities, and to regulate it to reduce environmental harms. Read More →