Count on Connie

Count on Connie (Skunks)

Question: Our next door neighbor throws out fresh salmon scraps in his backyard when he’s caught fish and is preparing it for cooking. Each time he does this, there is an overwhelming smell of skunks. I gather they, like our cats, are attracted to the fresh salmon. My question - do skunks eat salmon and is it deadly for skunks as it is for dogs? Or, does their digestive system tolerate it like cats? I worry since my outdoor cats and the skunks would co-mingle at the site. -- Anonymous, Hoopa CA Read More →

Count on Connie (TEPA Car Crush)

Question: How come TEPA (Hoopa Tribal Environmental Protection Agency) is able to store trash and crush cars in the logging yard and not have to clean up or take care of the oily mess that goes into the nearby drainage ditch and eventually into the Trinity? -- Anonymous, Hoopa, CA Read More →

Count on Connie (Getting Rid of Rats)

Food, water, and shelter. Animals and humans need the same three ingredients in order to survive. If you remove the basic survival needs of an animal, they will move to a place better for them Read More →

Count on Connie (Water Tower)

The first time I saw the water tower the shape reminded me of a basket and the same thought crossed my mind. To answer your question I called Barbara Ferris, manager of the Hoopa Valley Tribe's Public Utilities Department, and she thought it would be a great idea too. Read More →

Count on Connie: Cold Case Solved

Being a frequent shopper of the Ray’s Food Place in Hoopa myself, I was curious to know the answer to your question. According to Aaron Sandahl, district supervisor for C&K Markets, the store is abiding by the California Retail Food Code #114157 which states that refrigeration must be provided with an accurate, readably visible thermometer so that consumers are able to see the current temperature of the cold cases. Read More →

Count on Connie (Supporting Tribal Brothers and Sisters)

Question: I do have one question for the paper. For the people living outside of the valley, what’s the best way to support the tribe and the brothers and sisters and families that need help? -- Anonymous, Redding, CA Read More →

Count on Connie (Street Names in Hoopa)

This may come as a surprise to some residents of Hoopa, but the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council has in fact assigned names to the streets and roads in Hoopa. According to Warren Tamerius of the Hoopa Roads Department, the assigned names are based on local use. A combined effort by the Forestry Department, Land Management Department and the Roads Department enabled the Tribe to complete the Indian Reservation Roads Inventory (IRR). Read More →

Count on Connie (Hangover)

Question: How do you cure a hangover?--Anonymous, Hoopa CA Read More →