VOICES: Recreation Activities Update

Some of our short-term plans include a free football clinic featuring USC fullback Soma Vainuku which is tentatively set for May 30 and 31 as well as a basketball referee clinic which we are hoping to have sometime this month. We will also soon be holding movie nights on the big screen at the NF and there will be story telling nights featuring local elders as soon as the Youth Center opens. Read More →

VOICES: Sonny Hescock on Open Tribal Forum

I would like to see our Tribe get away from “Facebook” and get into a discussion forum where things are neutral. Not sharing our posts with everyone from the “outside world.” I believe that Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or whatever other social network out there where our people can vent their frustrations in a nonproductive manner should be banned from computers on our Tribe’s network. The words “social network” to me means that it is personal, and therefore has no place in our Tribe’s work environment. Read More →

VOICES: Joseph Orozco on the Asphalt Plant

Is there a signed contract between the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council and the Tide Water Asphalt Company and its owners that holds the tribe liable for financial, personal, medical, mechanical, environmental damages due to the operation of or the prevention of the operation of the Tide Water asphalt project? If so, ask to read it. Read More →

Stories, Legends and Other Things

As descendants of the people who lived in this valley not too long ago, we sometimes wonder how we as people in this modern age can readapt some of those ancient ways to help make our lives better. Of course there are certain ways that could never be brought back. We have too many outside influences which we could never change. Modern technology has made us too dependent on certain things and it would be impossible for us to function without them. But perhaps the real concern for us today is the things that we may be losing. Read More →

VOICES: Teaching Hate

Duane CarpenterOne group of discriminatory words is especially troublesome. Most of us have used these words to put someone down, joke or degrade someone. Did you know that 7,000 youth in the past two years have committed suicide because of someone teasing them by calling them “queer”? Read More →

VOICES: Thank You From Juanita McKinnon

I would like to, with my deepest appreciation, thank any and all who helped my family and myself to raise funds to help us make it to my appointments at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. Whether it was through donating a prize for our bingo, playing bingo, buying tickets for raffles, or just buying dinner or prayer; you helped to make our first trips successful and less stressful. Read More →

VOICES: From Poppy, A Letter to Hoopa Tribal Members

I am writing you today to ask for your help. I recently took on the challenge of rejuvenating our Sovereign Days celebration. Sovereign Days is a day of celebration for our tribal members; a day to remember how far we have come to gain our authority back as Native People; a day to give thanks to those who have fought so hard to re-establish the rights that should have never been taken away. The weekend is usually spent viewing booths on the Neighborhood Facilities lawn while talking to managers about their programs and letting your child in the bounce house. If you arrive early enough, there is usually something free. Read More →

VOICES: Joseph Orozco on Carbon Credits

I’ve been pondering the Carbon Credit deal with thoughts about investing in any industry where some “income” is proposed from a resource. Put any name to this you like. The “Carbon Credit” deal is offering us $40 million over four years that holds us under a 100 year contract. (Read the fine print carefully. What is our attorneys’ advice?) A fact; BP Oil must pay a fine regardless. They can pay us or someone else for carbon credits or pay the State. Read More →