VOICES: Klamath Water Deal

Your report on the new Klamath Water Deal in the March 18th edition did a good job describing the trade-offs leaders of the Klamath Tribes are willing to make in pursuing their joint goals of restoring tribal fisheries and getting into the timber business. As with the KBRA before, these tribal leaders are pursuing what they believe is the best interest of tribal members. As duly elected leaders, that is both their right and their duty. Your report does not, however, explore the basic premise on which the deal is based: the idea that one can substitute “restoration” for water flows in streams. Read More →

VOICES: Junior Youth Council Asks Older Peers to Step Up

Hello my name is Faith Tracy. I am the daughter of Candee McCovey I am the Vice-Chairwoman of the Hoopa Valley Jr. Youth Council. We are working on a new game for an Xbox in the Hupa language. I would also like to challenge the high school age students to run for the senior youth council. I am excited to be on the youth council, I am honored to have this opportunity to represent my peers. If you have any concerns or ideas about our community please contact me. Any organization or tribal department that has desires to work with the youth I recommend you get on our agenda for our youth council meetings, we are looking forward to working with you on strengthening our youth and community. Read More →

A Message From Young Leaders

He:yung my name is Kis-Dyan-Te’ Joseph. I am the daughter of Tom and Patty Joseph. I am a part of the Hoopa Valley Youth Council. I would like to let our community know our goals as a youth council. Those goals are to represent our youth in a positive way, and to let our youth know we have a voice. Also as Chairwoman of the Youth Council I have some goals of my own. They are to make the youth strong and be heard. The reason why I say this is because I believe that this generation can make a change in our community. There is an event coming up that we are working on with Chance Rush. The objective is to bring a senior youth council on board. Read More →

Stories Legends and Other Things: Peace in the Valley

But time itself was irrelevant to the Hupa. When a group of people live in one community in one location for hundreds of generations, a way of life is developed through trial and error, which is honed and tailored into a near perfect society. That is what happened in this valley. Read More →

VOICES: Hoopa Youth Cheer and Football

First we would like to announce our board members for the 2014 Football Season. Joe Davis, President; Frank Richards, Vice President; Darcy Billings, Secretary; Jacklin Billings, Treasurer and Kristen Raymond, Cheer Coordinator. We congratulate our new members and look forward to a successful season. Read More →

Constitutional Rights in Question

So my question is this, how does a family lose their home, i.e., get evicted from their HUD home after 24 years of residence, and with only one year left to pay before they owned it outright, for criminal activity when no one has been convicted of a crime? Read More →

VOICES: Craig Tucker on Dwinnell Dam

Pace states in a recent letter to TRT that “… the lawsuits’ Settlement Agreement prohibits Klamath Riverkeeper and the Karuk Tribe from suing or advocating for removal of Dwinnell Dam. It even limits their ability to advocate for fish ladders so that salmon can get past the dam. These prohibitions last for 30 years. That means Klamath Riverkeeper and the Karuk Tribe are prohibited for 30 years from advocating for the most effective actions which could be taken to restore Klamath River Spring Chinook salmon.” Read More →

Stories Legends and Other Things: Touch the Moon

Then the next stage, at least for most boys, was cowboys and Indians and army, or war. Looking back, I guess it was true that no one really wanted to be the Indian, because you were taught in school and by the movies, that it was the Indian that always lost or was killed. So we were always the cowboy. Read More →