Health Front: Smartphone Hell, Tick Warning, Dark Chocolate

• According to the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Behavioral Health, cell phone overuse can be just like any other kind of addiction. And the two warning signs are; is your smart phone interfering with your life, and do you get withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut down your usage? These and other questions you may want to ask yourself. Do you think about your smartphone even when you’re not using it? Do you feel irritable or anxious when you don’t have it? Do you check your phone constantly? Is your smart phone getting in the way of your work or studies? Do you have a life outside your smartphone? Read More →

VOICES: Commercial Tobacco Use

I am writing to you to state that tobacco is killing too many people. I am a member of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) for United Indian Health Services. In the TAG Program we learn about the dangers of commercial tobacco use. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of premature death in the US. This issue is important to me because we’re the future. Read More →

VOICES: Teens Talk About Tobacco Use

I am writing this letter because I want to share some information with you. I’m a member of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) for United Indian Health Services (UIHS). In this youth program, we learn about tobacco and how to stop and prevent inappropriate use. This issue is not only important to me, but to many others because it destroys lives. Read More →

VOICES: Thank You From the Jackson Family

Dear Two Rivers Tribune, The family of Muriel Jackson wants to thank everyone who showed us support of any kind during this very difficult time. We will all miss her so much in so many ways. Special thanks to so many (too many to remember and we don’t want to leave anybody out). God bless […] Read More →

VOICES: California Needs to Change Ways to Save Salmon

23-20 Fishing BoatsA new report from UC Davis released this week states 75 percent of California salmon, steelhead and trout species are likely to become extinct within the next century if current trends continue. In related news, there will be no salmon fishing season in far Northern California and a limited season in Central California. Read More →

VOICES: School Violence and Cell Phones

There has been an alarming trend at Hoopa Elementary School in the last couple of weeks involving inappropriate cell phone use and violence. All parents should be aware so they can talk to their children, and prepare them for an incident in case one occurs. The following are just two examples that are true and happened recently. Read More →

VOICES: Women’s Wellness Gathering Thank YOu

23-18 WomenThank you to all our local and regional collaborating partners who made the 15th Annual Native Women and Girls Wellness Gathering a great success. More than 50 women of all ages attended this annual event entitled “The Sacredness of Motherhood”. Presenters shared information about what makes a healthy pregnancy and childhood, and growing, cooking and preparing healthy foods. Networking and educational presentations on health and wellness included, pain management, massage, essential oils, reflexology, gardening, Tai Chi, Hands Are For Healing Quilting, domestic violence, and diabetes prevention and disease management. Read More →

VOICES: Maymi Preston-Donahue

Ayukii! I want to thank all who joined in or taught with the Native parenting classes that I helped organize with the Karuk Tribe’s Food Security department. The classes were part of my community project for the Masters in Social Work program at HSU. Read More →