VOICES: Letter To The Editor From Dawn Blake

I got to witness, firsthand, the amazing success of this year’s Acorn/Warrior Camp. I was privileged to participate in several capacities as a parent and in other ways. It is a great love for culture that goes into this camp and I commend those who worked so diligently to make it all happen. There was a special enthusiasm throughout the age groups from the preteen participants to the teenage participants, councilors and presenters. It’s really hard to put that many people in close proximity and to avoid personality conflicts, power struggles and the like, but the camp mission over-came. Read More →

VOICES: School Board Addresses Community

As you know, the past school year has been challenging, but we are pleased to report that we have made significant strides in improving the quality of education and services provided to our students. We, the members of the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees, write to thank you for your patience, inconvenience, and flexibility during this school year, especially those of you who have personally committed your time, energy, and resources for the benefit of our students. Read More →

VOICES: Four Initiatives Slated For The Hoopa Valley Tribes June Election

Its springtime and the towns and neighboring communities are bustling with life as former outlaw guerilla growers transition to gentlemen ( and gentlewomen) farmers. Much has changed in one year. This past year, the California legislature adopted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. Humboldt County approved its own Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, recognizing the economic value of the industry to local communities, and to regulate it to reduce environmental harms. Read More →

Opinion: Joseph Orozco

Regarding the June 2016 General Election Ballot, I believe the language allowed in the presentation of amendments needs to be upgraded. I am not saying any violation has been made, but rather the presentation of these amendments, I feel, is improper. Our standards, I feel, need to be raised. I believe the Election Board could have made a fairer interpretation of our Constitution and Bylaws, and our Election Ordinance. Perhaps our official governing documents need to be revised to define fairer standards. I know the Election Board cannot make these changes alone. I just want to bring my opinion to your attention. Read More →

Stories, Legends and Other Things…

Mount Mazama./Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.During ancient times when numerous geological activities were common place in this part of the country, earthquakes and far off sounds of volcanic explosions were probably frequent occurrences. Read More →

VOICES: Letter to the Editor from Josh McKnight

Saturday February 20, 2016 saw the end of the regular season for the Hoopa High School wrestling team. Finishing strong, the team is sending four wrestlers to compete in the North Coast Sections championships in Union City this weekend. Wrestlers were led by Skylar McKnight, who placed first and won the county championship at the 145 pound weight class. Other places were Luther Scott-Harrison third place at 122 pounds, Robert Baldy at third place 154 pounds, and Jacob Hodge third place at 182 pounds. Read More →

Stories, Legends and Other Things…

In 1848 when the cry went up that gold was discovered in California, most people on the east coast and other parts of the world, actually thought that the shiny stuff was just lying there in the rivers and streams waiting to be picked up. Not many of them knew the hardships one had to go through to actually reach the gold fields, let alone, find any gold. That however, did not stop thousands of them from sweeping into our territory with pick and shovel in hand thinking that they were going to become rich. Read More →

VOICES: Tsewenaldin John, My Family’s Oral History

My Grandfather, Ernest Marshall, always began the story the same way. “It was either Christmas or New Year (1860) because the soldiers were drinkin’. My Grandmother, Nonesche’, was nine months pregnant and went into labor.” On this same night another woman, who was also pregnant, went down to the spring below the village (the spring the Medildin camp uses when they camp below the bridge for Jump Dance). Two drunk soldiers tried to rape her but she fought back. She had an awl made from the foreleg of a deer in her moccasin and she stabbed one of the soldiers with it. The woman escaped and went back to tell the people what had happened. The soldiers returned to Fort Gaston. My Grandfather said, “That night my father (James Marshall) was born. The men gathered to talk about what to do. They decided they needed to leave, but they waited for three days, until Nonesche’ could travel.” The soldier who was stabbed lived for three days, but then died from his wounds. Then they packed up as much as they could carry, headed out in the middle of the night, “they first went to Grouse Prairie.” Read More →