Mountain Voices

The Woodshed Wheel

Excerpt from the book Catch the Whisper of the Wind by Cheewa James. The book is a collection of inspirational stories and proverbs from Native Americans. The Woodshed Wheel By Dave Risling, Hoopa, Karuk, Yurok In those days before cars came, there was just a wagon road to our house. We lived on what was […] Read More →

Mountain Voices (2/22/11)

My Moms, My Heart It took me a long time to understand. That it takes a woman to make a man. My Momma carried our struggles on her back. There’s no way in the world I forget that. I carry your love with me everywhere I go. As a little kid confused so much I […] Read More →

Mountain Voices (The Hill Oaks Chant)

The Hill Oaks Chant Look at the hills, The winter’s bare oaks Are starting their Spring show. Not splashes of Yellows and reds, That’s an autumn glow. Now it’s light chartreuse And pinks, The more subtle colors Of paints and inks. Buds are swelling, About to burst. For light and warmth Growing leaves thirst. The […] Read More →

Mountain Voices

Christmas Town The snow is falling, Its softness like A blanket of down. Carolers singing, A church bell ringing, Christmas has come to our town. Peace on earth, Good will toward all. From chimney to chimney, Santa will make his call. Like the three wise men Who followed that radiant star. To be with loved […] Read More →

Mountain Voices (10/26/10)

Never Always Never a dull moment Never enough time Never the right word Never a clear sign Always hell storm and havoc Always a glitch in the works Always in need of this or that Always a day short and a dollar ‘lack Does the calamity ever end? Does it ever get better? Is the […] Read More →

Mountain Voices

Grandfather's Magic Fiery clouds float in a bright blue sky Setting sun reflects like a neon sign Storm a rumbling in the east Getting darker all the time Rumbling thunder overhead Lightening flashes, treetops shine Rain comes down in a pouring flood Ground is a soft and slippery mud Soon it passes; all is still […] Read More →

Driving North from Oakland, across the San Rafael Bridge, through Novato, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Cloverdale where lumber trucks growl, t-shirts replace suits. Then family names-Ukiah, Chitaka, Miti, Bu-shay, Pomo, Hoopa- and I breathe again heading home on winding ribbon roads. My life is this simple. I slough off city skin, replace it with soft […] Read More →

New York Poet Leads Local Poetry Workshop

Renowned poet George G. Wallace shares some of his poetry at an all-day poetry workshop he led on Saturday. / Photo courtesy of Tamara Jenkinson.Studio 299, an Artists Guild founded and based in Burnt Ranch and active in the Willow Creek area, recently sponsored an all-day Poetry Workshop led by George G. Wallace of New York. Read More →