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Stories Legends and Other Things: Peace in the Valley

But time itself was irrelevant to the Hupa. When a group of people live in one community in one location for hundreds of generations, a way of life is developed through trial and error, which is honed and tailored into a near perfect society. That is what happened in this valley. Read More →

Love List

The crowd clapped at every scene change and laughed loudly throughout the romantic comedy’s Sunday matinee performance at the Camp Kimtu Cookhouse in Willow Creek. Both Pintos were joined on stage by Richard Junkin and directed by Rick Stewart (in his directorial debut) for this funny and unpredictable performance of the play written by Norm Foster. Libby Pinto said, “The best part is hearing all of the laughter from the audience.” Read More →

Salmon Run 2014 Begins May 30

This coming May, with a carved wooden salmon in hand, he, and hopefully many others who care about the Klamath, will embark on an epic 263 mile journey from the Mouth of the Klamath River to Klamath Falls, Oregon. “There are words, and words, and words, and nobody is actually doing something,” McAllister, who is a Karuk Tribal Councilmember, and Iraq War Veteran said. “This is our chance to go out and do something that says ‘this is what I support’ without actually having to say it.” Read More →

Stories Legends and Other Things: Touch the Moon

Then the next stage, at least for most boys, was cowboys and Indians and army, or war. Looking back, I guess it was true that no one really wanted to be the Indian, because you were taught in school and by the movies, that it was the Indian that always lost or was killed. So we were always the cowboy. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: I’m Reading

Well I just returned from a trip to Africa. The thing that is great about the trip is that I did not have to leave my home in Hoopa to get there. I did not have to cram myself into too narrow seats, or get confused by confusing signs. I just borrowed a book from the library and away I flew to a continent I always wanted to see. Read More →

From Hoopa: Captain Dougherty

It was serious business but it was necessary; otherwise all of the Hupa in the valley would have been rounded up and sent out of the area. Military records from that time clearly show that this was the ultimate plan. And it would have been carried out if it wasn’t for the strong resistance displayed by hundreds of Hupa men, women and other Indians in the area. Read More →

Redbud Theater Kicks Off 2014 Season

The Love List, a contemporary adult comedy by Norm Foster, opens the latest season for Redbud Theater in Willow Creek. In this side-splitting and thought-provoking new comedy, Leon and Bill concoct a list of attributes of the ideal woman - the top ten best qualities in a mate. When this allegedly “Ideal Woman” actually arrives on the scene the men quickly learn that their list could use a few revisions. Be careful what you wish for - especially in choosing a mate. This old adage leads to hilarious results in Foster’s sparkling new comic hit. Given the adult nature of the play it is not recommended for children. Read More →

Karuk Winter Youth Camp: Artisans and Oral Tradition…Say What?

Despite the roads, Rosie, 8, and Susanna, 11, Quim came from Yreka because their Grandma Blanche Moore brought them. Asked what they’d like to learn about during the camp, they both started talking animatedly: “We wanna learn Karuk stories!” “Yep!” Read More →