VOICES: Tsewenaldin John, My Family’s Oral History

My Grandfather, Ernest Marshall, always began the story the same way. “It was either Christmas or New Year (1860) because the soldiers were drinkin’. My Grandmother, Nonesche’, was nine months pregnant and went into labor.” On this same night another woman, who was also pregnant, went down to the spring below the village (the spring the Medildin camp uses when they camp below the bridge for Jump Dance). Two drunk soldiers tried to rape her but she fought back. She had an awl made from the foreleg of a deer in her moccasin and she stabbed one of the soldiers with it. The woman escaped and went back to tell the people what had happened. The soldiers returned to Fort Gaston. My Grandfather said, “That night my father (James Marshall) was born. The men gathered to talk about what to do. They decided they needed to leave, but they waited for three days, until Nonesche’ could travel.” The soldier who was stabbed lived for three days, but then died from his wounds. Then they packed up as much as they could carry, headed out in the middle of the night, “they first went to Grouse Prairie.” Read More →

In Loving Memory: Cindie Natasha Simpson

Cindie Natasha Simpson July 20, 1991-January 11, 2016In the fleeting time that she was with us, Cindie filled everyday with love, smiles, warmth and laughter. While outwardly soft-spoken, she was a strong person who exuded compassion and found great joy in making the people around her happy. She maintained a positive attitude and upbeat personality through every challenge that was placed before her; she always had a shoulder to lean on, open ears to listen and gave the best advice. Read More →

In Loving Memory: Timisha Mary Lynn Carpenter

Timisha Mary Lynn Carpenter April 28, 1970-January 2, 2016Timisha had a heart of gold, and literally would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need. If she loved you, you were loved for life, as was anyone who was important to you. Timisha loved to laugh. She liked to rib, and didn’t mind getting ribbed back. She was often known to laugh until she cried. Timisha did not have an easy life. She suffered numerous losses at a young age. Despite this, she was an optimist, able to look at the bright side of things, and to love wholly and unconditionally. At the age of 21, she fought and won the biggest battle of her life against cancer. Her family and many in the Hoopa community rallied around and supported her in this long and hard fight. All were elated when she became cancer free. Read More →

In Loving Memory: Kristin Schieffer

Kristin Schieffer May 18, 1987-November 21, 2015Kristin was born May 18, 1987 in Oroville to Angela Rene Schieffer and Michael Schieffer. Kristin lived in Gridley for a short time then moved to Mike’s in Chico. Kristin got sick and went to Davis then Stanford hospital where she had her first birthday, and a very successful open heart surgery, her heart did not cause trouble until the end. Read More →

In Loving Memory: Floyd Woodrow “Forksi” Montgomery

Floyd Woodrow "Forksi" Montgomery August 15, 1948-December 31, 2015Floyd Woodrow Montgomery AKA “Forksi” passed away in his home on December 31, 2015 in Hoopa. He was born August 15, 1948. Floyd was a highly decorated Veteran, serving his country in the Vietnam War. Pallbearers are; Nolan Begay, Augustine Montgomery, Clinton Hoaglan, Joey Montgomery, Ben Spencer and Boyd Ferris. Read More →

In Loving Memory: Kenneth Arlen Buck Williams

Kenneth Arlen Buck Williams December 12, 1989-December 30, 2015Kenneth Arlen Buck Williams, was born in Everett, Washington on December 12, 1989 and left us to start his journey on December 30, 2015 at the young age of 26. He is survived by his wife Future Williams, children Kila:gyah, Nas-che-wen, and Ben Jr. His father Anthony Paul Williams Sr., his Mother Reylyne Phyllis Davis, Maternal Grandmother Ethel Ruth Davis, Paternal Grandmother Claudette Parazoo, Brothers Aaron & Alaina Williams, Talon Williams, Joseph Lewis, Sisters Samantha Norton and Stormie Lewis and many Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Read More →

Talking Pot, Cannabis, Marijuana and Flowers in Hoopa

Jack Norton (center) was recently appointed by the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council as a political advisor on marijuana issues./Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune.A citizen initiative to repeal the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Title 34 slated for the April 28 primary election ballot has conversations at council, community and kitchen tables on the rise. Read More →

54th Annual All-Indian Basketball Tournament

54th Annual All-Indian Basketball Tournament Royalty.The 54th Annual All Indian Basketball Tournament brought teams from around Indian Country together for a weekend of friendly competition and fun. As is traditional, local young women compete for tournament royalty positions by fundraising in the community. The proceeds help pay tournament expenses. From left to right: 2015 Little Princess Tylie McKinnon, 2015 Queen […] Read More →