VOICES: Community Member Speaks Out on Dead Deer Senior Prank

Dear Two Rivers Tribune,

A crime against our community has been committed and as heinous as it may seem, I know that was not the intent. The intentions, as wrong as it was, were not planned nor was there an evil motive behind it.

I was appalled as you were when I saw the disrespect and waste of life of our four legged brother. Anger and pain filled me to the highest level.

Finding the rest of the story doesn’t bring any level of comfort to the end result of what happened. It does show how things can escalate at a rapid pace into something as ugly as it did. One bad decision leads to another, and another making each step worse and worse.

As adults we know this. Time and experience teach us this. As adults we can all relate to times in our life where we think, how did I get here? Where did I make the wrong turn? Later finding out it was multiple small turns that lead us far off the path.

I am in no way trying to defend the accused or minimize the waste of life and dishonor that became the end result of our scared four legged brother. My intent is to do the opposite.

We as a community felt the hurt and felt the pain of that deer.

As the deer was wasted do we waste the lives of our children because of their misjudgment, because of their wrong turns? Do we make that same mistake they made?

We can bring honor to the life of that deer by showing the same compassion and gentleness deer show us. Deer show us how to love, how to be gentle, how to be giving and generous.

Our youth need to have a path to be able to rebound from this. Our youth need to be able to see a direction of correction as well as forgiveness.

Let us let go of the notion of vengefulness and let us show love and compassion as the deer would. Let us bring honor to life of the deer by following its teachings.

We are not minimizing or justify the wrong. We can forgive our youth without excusing the act.

Destroying lives and making examples to the highest level is not going to make us feel any better nor will it bring honor to a life taken carelessly.
When it’s all said and done this is our community and these are our youth, our future.

“Darkness cannot overcome darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot overcome hate only love can do that,” Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas Joseph II

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March 24th, 2015


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