VOICES: How Well Am I Driving? Opinion by Joseph Orozco

Dear Two Rivers Tribune,

How well am I driving? Have you ever seen that bumper sticker on big rigs? Have you ever called the number? Would you join a group of local community people to give feedback to KIDE? Then join the CAB? What is a Community Advisory Board? KIDE is opening membership to a non-paying Community Advisory Board. CAB membership is not appointed by the tribal council. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting requires non-government owned stations to maintain a CAB to give feedback to station management of the broadcast of the station. There is no specific structure required of CAB membership. Leadership of a CAB can rotate among the members, or the CAB can rely on station management to lead the meetings allowing CAB members to provide community insight and to assist the station staff during public events or fund raising drives, as they agree. A Community Advisory Board can meet on a regular basis as it sees fit. Some CABs meeting monthly, some quarterly, some annually. However, CAB members are often welcome to make appointments in between set CAB meetings to meet individually with management to share insights or to give feedback on programs aired or to be aired, or produced by the station. All input is advisory in nature and not held as official directions for change. At times some input shared could have an immediate bearing. Community Advisory Board members meet to discuss station programming and often engage in public outreach events. A CAB is a non-policy board. CAB members are community people who want to help build community by assisting the radio station with constructive criticism to improve upon the services to the community. Membership on the KIDE CAB is an opportunity to serve on community radio without having to commit to a regular daily schedule working at or in the station. There are no age limits of CAB membership. There are no required number of members. It is good to have a CAB that is representative of the community served. Please feel free to contact the Station Manager for more information and explanation. Email: managerkide@gmail.com or call 530-625-4245 ext 305. Leave your name and contact information.

Joseph R. Orozco, KIDE Station Manager

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December 12th, 2014


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