In Loving Memory: Cedric Dale Hostler Jr.

Cedric Dale Hostler Jr.

Cedric Dale Hostler Jr.



In loving memory of Cedric Dale Hostler, Jr. 61 left us on May 11th, 2014, as the victim of a hit and run on Highway 96 in Hoopa.

Cedric aka Bimbo was 4/4 enrolled member of the Hoopa Tribe. He loved his home and his people. In recent years he participated in some of the traditional dances. Many will remember Cedric as a social guy who enjoyed sharing a joke, story, or anecdote with friends and family. Like the shell of an abalone, he was a little rough on the outside but beautiful, generous, loving and compassionate inside. He will be missed by all. Cedric Jr. was preceded in death by his son Cedric Damon-Bear Hostler III, his daughter Bonnie Marie Hostler, his parents Carmen Rose and Cedric Hostler, Sr., and his sisters Carolyn-Joy and Rose Mary Hostler.

He is survived by his daughters Jolene and Joy Hostler; his grandchildren Lawrence and Jacqueline Hostler, Donna and Damon Martin, and Angelique White; his great grandchildren Me:me and Michael D. Kelsey, and Jericho L. “Bear” Herren; his sisters Louella Davis, and Elsie Mae and Lyle Moon of Hoopa and his brother Ronnie and Lydia Hostler of Covelo;  his nephews and nieces Fred and Robert Davis, Samuel Pratt Jr, Shellie Pratt and David Gray, Billie and Virgil Pole Jr., and Johnny and Angela Pratt, and great nieces and nephews Alicia, Alexis, and Shan Davis, Carmen, Marshall, Margret, Johnnie, Julianna, and Virgil Pole III, Nicholas, Nah-tez, and Nalani Gaines, and Ellamay Gray, Harmony, Nanya and Cedar Pratt.

Pallbearers: Lawrence Hostler, Damon Martin, Ronnie Herren, Jesse Rodriguez, Ryan and Byron Markussed, Frank and Soren Richards.

Honorary Pallbearers: Clarence Sr., and Clearence “Jude” Jr., Loren, Donald, Michael, Boozer and Steve Hostler; Keith Baldy, Dean Powell, Robert Donahue, Virgil Pole Jr., Lyle Moon, David Gray, Harry O and his sons O’s and Sam Campbell, Sylvester, Doug, and Freddy Brown, Arlen Sr., and Kenny Doolittle, Jay Renzulli and his son Victor Harwood and Les Starrit, Rowds, John and Ronnie Robbins, Filmore Harvey Jr., Richard Marshall, J.W. Mooney, Phil Mattz, Cheetos Pacheko, Leslie Sais-Jackson, and Sonny Pratt.

The family wishes to sincerely thank everyone for their support and love during these hard times.

-The Cedric Dale Hostler, Jr. Family.

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June 1st, 2014


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