VOICES: No Dead Dog Highway

Dear Two Rivers Tribune,

This is in response to the letter to change the name of Highway 96, seriously? The name has already been changed to SR96, but who cares, it’s Highway 96 both ways in and out of the Valley.

If there is one thing that makes my blood boil, it’s people who come here from someplace with their ‘soap box issues’ and try to change us seriously?

First of all, you don’t know the circumstances of why a dog gets hit on the road. Did it run into the path of a vehicle, did it not see the oncoming car, was there another vehicle coming that would have been hit trying to miss someone’s dog that ran into the roadway? You don’t know. You think that everyone just tries to run over somebody’s pet. Granted, it’s sad when an animal gets hit on the highway but the highway is for vehicles. That’s where they are supposed to be. Drivers have the responsibility to stay on the highway otherwise it’s called a wreck. They don’t run into people’s yards to hear that “sickening thump, the crush of bones and flesh, the blood, the cries, the whines.” They don’t run off the road to run over an animal over and over again.

Several years ago I traveled by vehicle through upper Pennsylvania. The interstate that I was on had about 15 dead deer all along the road (most I have ever seen) that we’re hit by motorists. I didn’t write them a letter to change the name of the interstate to ‘Dead Deer Interstate’ but if that’s your thing you can head out there and take care of that problem. You can set up a system where you can notify the rangers, or dead deer cops, or whoever takes care of that sort of thing to respond and pick up the carcass so children can’t see it.

We don’t need or want your changing things. You can take your cause, your issues, and your soap box out to Pennsylvania. We don’t care. By the way, it would be highway 96 that starts you in that direction.

Sharon Jordan, Hoopa

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May 13th, 2014


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