Seven-Year-Old Girl Scout Sells Most Cookies in Northern California

Girl Scout Mina Sanchez is proof that businesspeople come in all sizes, after the Willow Creek seven-year-old became the top cookie seller in the region./Photo courtesy of Dream Quest

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune

Girl Scout Mina Sanchez, the Willow Creek seven-year-old that worked to become the top cookie seller in the region, is proof that businesspeople come in all sizes.

“It took me seven weeks to sell 2,107 boxes of Girl Scout cookies,” Sanchez said. “It was mostly around Willow Creek, but I went around Hoopa five times and to Eureka once.”

She joined Girl Scouts in kindergarten, so Sanchez already had two years of sales experience with Troop 70254 under her belt.

Travis McKelvey, whose daughter is also a Girl Scout, said, “Everyplace my daughter went to, Mina was already there.”

She could be found either at Ray’s in Hoopa or in front of the Willow Creek Post Office almost everyday for seven weeks.

Her grandmother, Heidi Card, said, “I think she’s awesome. I drove her around, but she’s the one who went up to everyone and asked them to buy cookies.”

Selling cookies in the summer, and nuts in Candies in fall, are the only fundraising efforts to support local Girl Scout activities.

“We were raising money to go on a roller rink trip and money for a club event to try out gymnastics,” Sanchez said.

Troop leader Kristen Peckham said, “The cookie-selling activity is a wonderful opportunity to set goals, learn business ethics, and practice talking to customers.”

“Mina was amazing; most girls sell about 25 or 30 boxes, if they sell,” Peckham said. “She’s the top seller in the whole region, from the southern Humboldt County line to the California-Oregon border.”

Sanchez’s original goal was to sell 3,000 boxes of cookies to earn an iPad, but she couldn’t find enough customers in Willow Creek, Hoopa, and Eureka.

She did earn a Wii gaming console, and her Troop is heading to Waterworks Park in Redding in the summer. There are also plans to spin their wheels at Blue Lake.

“The whole troop is going to the roller rink,” Sanchez said.

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