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Dear Two Rivers Tribune,

On the evening of April 8th around 6:00 pm at the Boileau’s several people were introduced to one of the candidates for District Attorney, Elan Firpo.

She discussed the problems that are on most minds in our community, such as the growers, the lack of law enforcement and, how she is going to reorganize the office.

She is against the corporate size grows because there is significant damage done to the environment and these also bring a strong criminal element with them. Both of these things are very big problems for all of Humboldt County.

Elan Firpo told every one that the only way to get more law enforcement is to go through the Sheriff Department. But she wishes to open dialog between the DA’s office and the Sherriff’s office for the betterment of every one.

The reorganizing of the DA’s office would mean more prosecutors for the courts, some of them would be specialized in what they prosecute, like one for domestic violence, another for grows, and other environmental issues. All this along with opening communications between the different law offices such as the Sherriff’s, Victims affairs.

She has already started laying the ground work for getting these things done as painlessly and efficiently as possible. She sounds like a very hard worker, and like she is out to help the people. What ever it takes to get the job done.

Charlotte Krupp, Willow Creek

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April 30th, 2014


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