Tribal Harvest 2014 Allotment of Adult Fall Chinook Salmon Low

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune

Official harvest allotment numbers for this year’s run of adult fall Chinook won’t be released for another two weeks, but preliminary reports indicate they’ll be less than a third of last year’s.

Local Fisherman Ed Duggan said the allotment for sport fisherman in the combined Klamath and Trinity Rivers is expected to be around 4,100, and the tribal allotment is estimated at 27,300.

“These are the first numbers coming out and they won’t have final approval until April 10,” Duggan said.

Others involved in the process said the tribal allotment could end up even lower; at around 20,500 total adult fall Chinook.

The Pacific Fisheries Management Council (PFMC) will release the official numbers at their Council meeting on April 10, in Vancouver, Washington.

Senior Fisheries Biologist Sean Ledwin, with Hoopa Tribal Fisheries, said 50 percent of the harvest each year on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers goes to the tribes with federally-recognized fishing rights; the Yurok and Hoopa.

“Out of that, the Yurok Tribe usually gets 80 percent and the Hoopa Tribe gets 20 percent,” Ledwin said.

If the preliminary estimate of 27,300 as an allotment holds true and it’s divided 80/20, that would mean 21,840 adult fall Chinook for the Yurok Tribe and 5,460 for the Hoopa Valley Tribe.

Duggan said fishermen are upset at the low numbers projected for the year. “You can’t believe how many people are upset and concerned about this.”

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