VOICES: Junior Youth Council Asks Older Peers to Step Up

Faith Tracy

By FAITH TRACY, Vice Chairwoman, Hoopa Valley Jr. Youth Council

Hello my name is Faith Tracy. I am the daughter of Candee McCovey I am the Vice-Chairwoman of the Hoopa Valley Jr. Youth Council. We are working on a new game for an Xbox in the Hupa language. I would also like to challenge the high school age students to run for the senior youth council. I am excited to be on the youth council, I am honored to have this opportunity to represent my peers. If you have any concerns or ideas about our community please contact me. Any organization or tribal department that has desires to work with the youth I recommend you get on our agenda for our youth council meetings, we are looking forward to working with you on strengthening our youth and community.

Tracy currently attends Hoopa Valley Elementary School and proudly carries a 3.8 G.P.A. She is an avid athlete in volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer and is an ASB council member at Hoopa Elementary School. She is currently active in Jr. Youth Council as well as AAU basketball and ASA softball. She is dedicated to her culture and participates in ceremonial dances of the Hupa People. Last summer she was honored to carry out the duties of the Medicine Girl in the Me’dilding Brush Dance. Faith loves spending time with friends and her family, she is the oldest of three and is excited to celebrate her 14th birthday on Monday, April 7th.  She plans to further her education in the field of Sports Medicine at University of Oregon, while she is playing basketball for the Ducks. Quack! Quack!

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