A Message From Young Leaders

Kis-Dyan-Te’ Joseph, recently appointed to the Hoopa Valley Jr. Youth Council./Photo courtesy of Kis-Dyan-Te’ Joseph

By KIS-DYAN-TE’ JOSEPH, Chairwoman of the Hoopa Valley Junior Youth Council

He:yung my name is Kis-Dyan-Te’ Joseph. I am the daughter of Tom and Patty Joseph. I am a part of the Hoopa Valley Youth Council.  I would like to let our community know our goals as a youth council.  Those goals are to represent our youth in a positive way, and to let our youth know we have a voice.  Also as Chairwoman of the Youth Council I have some goals of my own.  They are to make the youth strong and be heard.  The reason why I say this is because I believe that this generation can make a change in our community.  There is an event coming up that we are working on with Chance Rush.  The objective is to bring a senior youth council on board.  I would like to invite all high school students to participate in their youth council, by running for election and being active in the election process.  I would like to say that I am excited and looking forward to working with our youth in our community as one.

Kis-Dyan-Te’ Joseph is an 8th grader at Hoopa Elementary School. She has recently been elected to Jr. Youth Council.  She is the youngest of ten children and has excellent examples of strong Native American Woman that have been very influential her upbringing.  Her family  presented her to the word at the end of her Flower Dance ceremony last summer, and they know she will bring great gifts to this earth and our community.

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April 10th, 2014


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