Two Klamath-Trinity Students Win History Day Awards

Tahsa Tripp, front right, shows off her award-winning history project. / Photo courtesy of Shelly Slusser

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune

Two students from Orleans Elementary School won awards for their projects at Humboldt County’s history-day competition.

Fifth grader Scer-ere Cooper – whose name means “Bear” in Yurok – completed his project on the Red Cap War that lasted from 1850 to 1855 near the village of Panamnik (present-day Orleans).

“I was so happy,” Cooper said after the awards ceremony.

Fourth grader Tahsa Tripp – whose name means “Deer” in the Karuk language – won first place in the fourth and fifth grade two-dimensional poster category for her project on Native boarding schools.

“I was so excited. I wasn’t expecting to win,” Tripp said.

School Teacher Shelly Slusser, who teaches third, fourth, and fifth graders at Orleans Elementary said Tripp will represent Humboldt County in at the state-wide history competition down in Riverside in April.

“Out of the hundreds of kids competing for Humboldt County, it’s amazing that two winners came out of the same classroom in Orleans,” Slusser said.

Matt Malkus, principal of the Rivers Schools, said, “I’m happy to see kids from Klamath-Trinity being recognized for their academic achievements.”

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