Arcata Tigers Defeat Hoopa Lady Warriors

Lady Warrior Winnie Carpenter faces off against Tiger Brooke Coelho during the Varsity Hoopa v. Arcata non-league game on Tuesday, January 28. / Photo by Kristan Korns, Two Rivers Tribune

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune

The Lady Warriors faced off against the Arcata Tigers for two non-league games in Hoopa on Tuesday, January 28.


Hoopa starters Rochelle Thom, Tenaya Sorrell, Winnie Carpenter, Claudia Patino and Stella Jarnaghan started on defense, but Carpenter grabbed the ball from a passing Tiger seconds into the game.

Carpenter passed to Jarnaghan, who passed back to Carpenter, who put the first points on the scoreboard with a layup sending Hoopa into the lead 2-0.

Ashley Quigley led the Tigers in scoring during the first quarter, with seven points. Tiger Lauren McCoy was close behind with six points.

Both teams were stronger on offense, but the advantage went to the Tigers who finished the quarter with 26 to the Lady Warriors’ 10.

Hoopa’s Thom quickly sank two layups just into the second quarter, followed by a basket from teammate Vanessa Bussell shortly afterwards.

Arcata’s defense kept Hoopa away from the basket for the rest of the quarter, while the Tigers’ offense scored 11 points, ending the half at 37-16.

The third quarter was a completely different story. The Lady Warriors came back onto the court determined to show what they had against the ‘Big 5’ team.

Hoopa’s high-scorer for the third quarter was Patino with one three-pointer, matched by Arcata’s Anna Nelson, with the same.

Unfortunately for the home team, Quigley – one of two freshman players on Arcata’s Varsity team – pulled out all the stops in the last quarter and dominated the court on offense, sinking four out of her team’s nine baskets for the quarter.

The Tigers defeated the Varsity Lady Warriors 68-35.


Hoopa JV Girls’ Basketball Coach Erika Chase said before the game, “Tonight’s going to be tough, but we have home court advantage.”

JV Starter Monique Wilson made the first basket of the game, sending Hoopa into the lead.

Wilson and fellow starter Bianca Moon scored four points each in the first quarter, but Arcata’s offense put them ahead by 13-8 at the end of the first quarter. The Tigers widened their lead in the second quarter, ending the half up by 12 points at 25-13.

Lady Warrior Sophomore Namechi Frank came on strong in the second half, putting constant pressure on the Tigers. Frank charged across the court two minutes into the third quarter, passed to Tea McGinnis, who passed back to Frank, who bounced the ball to Moon for a layup.

Hoopa’s Wilson followed up with a three-pointer followed shortly by a two-pointer, changing the game’s momentum.

But a good offense and a strong defense from the Lady Warriors weren’t enough to overcome the Tigers in the second half.

Arcata JV Tigers defeated JV Lady Warriors 48-30.

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