Angry Pigs Debate Debut at Dream Quest

“12 Angry Pigs” cast members included the Bailiff (Wally Wiseman), the Big Bad Wolf (Tommy Morrison) & Little Red Riding Hood (Mina Sanchez). Fifteen youth were part of the were part of the one act play./Photo courtesy of Dream Quest

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The Dream Quest Youth Drama Club presented a recital Friday night for member’s family and friends showcasing their new acting skills and stage presence. The club began the performance by eliciting an audience participation in a skit titled “The Candy Store.” Youth members picked people from the audience to act as furniture and fixtures necessary to operate the store; countertops, shelves, tables, chairs, etc. The cash register enacted by Jacques Neukom and Mike Allen was the crowd favorite.  After the skit, the audience settled in to watch the club perform a one act play, “The Twelve Angry Pigs.” The play revolved around a jury of pigs deciding whether the big, bad wolf was guilty or innocent of blowing down the little pigs’ houses.  Each juror had an opinion and was not afraid to express it. The plot thickened as the eye witness is proved unreliable and emerging emerges changes the case. The play included 15 club members, who were given the play with a month to prepare. The young actors rose to the occasion and were proud of the presentation. This show was the Drama Club’s second recital. In the past year the Drama Club has been involved in several performances in the past year, including “Broadway Review,” “Halloween Stew” and “The Snow Queen.”  Dream Quest’s Youth Drama Club regular workshops are Thursdays at 4:00 and are free.  The Drama Club meets weekly at Dream Quest on Thursdays at 4:00,for youth ages 9-18. Classes are free and always open to new members. Auditions for larger productions and rehearsals are scheduled separately. The mission of the Dream Quest Youth Drama Club is to promote creativity, personal growth and social development in the context of drama, performance and amateur theater. For more information contact Program Coordinator, Karla Robb, at (530) 629-3564.

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February 14th, 2014

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