‘Owhwhe: Hoopa’s Public Library Has More Than Just Books

By JACQUELINE LETALIEN, Friends of the Kim Yerton Memorial Library

There are many aspects of reading books that appeal to me.  Books engage all the senses, except for taste (unless of course the reading is of cook books…).  There is often beautiful cover art to see.  With picture books for youngers, the visual art can be quite stunning through all the pages.  A peculiar trait of mine is that I enjoy the sound of the turning page or the tiny thrill of ruffling the pages rapidly.  Books have a particular heft and feel as they are handled which adds to the resonant sound of a closing volume.

The act of reading can bring peaceful quiet in a noisy world, restful calm amid a frenzied society.  By entering a book we can set ourselves aside from all of that furious flurry.  Books also can rescue us from all those lighted screens we stare at so compulsively.  When I worked at the library of College of the Redwoods Eureka, I got into a conversation with a fellow about the virtues of reading.  He was having none of it because he said he likes to read a lighted screen.  His friend suggested he could run a flashlight along the back of a page and get the same effect.  He was not convinced.

However, this is not an argument or contest:  book versus gizmos.  This is an invitation.  Experiment with the experience of being with a book:  reading a story in its full expression and putting language to good use.  Learn some new words, imagine possibilities, reward your curiosity, find answers and questions.  Explore the profound depth of stillness by sitting with a book (although it is possible to walk and read just like with gizmos).  And when that is all played out, use one of your big books to press favorite, special flowers.

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