Maggie Dickson and Kiwanis Christmas Bazaar

The crowded Neighborhood Facilities at the Annual Christmas Bazaar held on December 14. / Photo by Rhonda Bigovich, Two Rivers Tribune

By RHONDA BIGOVICH, Two Rivers Tribune

Festivity was in the air at this year Maggie Dickson/Willow Creek Kiwanis Christmas Bazaar in Hoopa on December 14 at the Neighborhood Facilities. The tables were; full of beautiful crafts and home cooked goodies from wall to wall.

Many local people look forward to this annual event; to buy local jewelry by favorite craftsmen. The gymnasium was full of people, laughing smiling and going from booth to booth.

Pam Mattz, a long time consumer, said, “I try to come every year, I look forward to seeing George ‘Porty’ Blake collection and to get shells from the Sea Around Us.”

A local Vendor, Wes Crawford, said, “I have been coming for the last 15 years, and the one thing I enjoy the most about the bazaar, is the people, visiting with everyone who comes by.”

Crawford is well known for his engraving native designs on shell, elk horn and other adornments.

This years Christmas Bazaar had a better turn out then the last two previous years.

Former Hoopa Tribal Councilwoman, Marcellene Norton was excited to see all the various local artists’ crafts, beautiful artistic abilities and the home baked good from the community’s favorite bakers and candy makers.

There were several local groups fundraising money, from schools, sporting groups, Lil Princess Contestants, ASP Club trying to raise money to go to Mexico.

Early Head Start had a booth of baked goods, going towards Christmas gifts for the little kids enrolled in their school. This was their first year at the bazaar.

People were cheerful, bouncing along the isles, stopping to talk to one another, and looking at items together.

The varieties of goods were limitless; you had Avon consultants, doTerra Essential Oils, shells, Office Fx, and many others.

Keoki Burbank, Assistant Coach for the Warriors Football Team, had a table set up for selling shirts, as team support, also to raise money for Warrior Uniforms and to help support the team.

Also, the hopes of sending the Warrior team players to training camps. This is the first attempt at raising funds for coming season.

Burbank is optimistic for the next season. He said that dedication, hard work and participation at practice will be fundamental for the next season of football.

Hoopa Recreation Interim Manager Sunshine Jackson said, “I think it is good the bazaar is held here every year.”

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