Fire Damages Willow Creek Family Apartments

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune

A fire broke out at the Willow Creek Family Apartments on Monday, December 16, severely damaging several units, and leaving more than a dozen residents homeless just a week before Christmas.

Volunteer firefighters from Salyer, Hoopa, Hawkin’s Bar, and Willow Creek responded to the late-morning blaze, and quickly had it under control.

Tim Lalonde, the assistant chief of Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department, said, “We had a report of a structure fire and we responded. Possibly five units are damaged, but thank God everyone we know of is accounted for and safe.”

Several residents seemed distraught and in shock, One couple with five children, managed to save some of their household from damage by fire, smoke, and water, but their apartment was too damaged to live in.

One resident, who asked that her name not be used, said someone from another building saw the flames on the upper floor of the building, and helped alert the other residents.

“Somebody saw it and ran in and pounded on the doors, telling everyone, ‘get out, get out, there’s fire!’” she said.

Lalonde said the cause of the fire hadn’t been determined yet.

Doris Kidgell said the fire was mostly upstairs, and pointed to where a large chunk of the building’s roof had been burned through. “I saw flames and my cat was in there, but he’s okay.”

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January 10th, 2014

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