Don’t Be a Bully, Be a Warrior

We’re all paddling in the same boat; don’t poke holes in it. / Photo courtesy of Kayla Brown

By KAYLA BROWN, TRT Guest Columnist

Bullying is something that’s been around forever. Just because it’s happening and you see it all the time doesn’t make it right. If it degrades somebody, humiliates somebody, hurts their feelings, or makes them feel small, then it’s wrong.

Too often, people shrug it off as “a part of growing up”, but the consequences can be a devastating experience.

I can remember back to my own childhood, there was a girl in my neighborhood that would often be taunted. As kids, we would all just stand by and laugh. Though seemingly harmless at the time, I am embarrassed to admit, I myself, had sometimes been laughing at the expense of that girl. In later years as an early teen, I also had a turn at a bullying experience. Now I felt exactly what it was like to feel hurt, scared and doubting my own self worth.

Unfortunately, this problem continues. It affects all races, genders and religions. This is an issue that affects us all. No matter what you think or see, there’s always something more to a person. There is always something you don’t know about them. Everyone has their secrets and insecurities.

It’s sad that others are just so careless and don’t consider how other people feel. It’s sad how someone has to collapse for people to notice them.

I love the idea of people banning together and helping end these problems. Instead of talking behind someone’s back, or cyber-bullying, have enough courage and respect to have a conversation with that person and see if the argument or misunderstanding is even worth it.

As a friend, I urge us all to talk to our kids about the facts. Don’t ignore it or be afraid to face it. Reach out and help stop the hate, and most of all the hurt.

Remember who you are, where you come from, and speak the truth even if your voice shakes.

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January 10th, 2014

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