VOICES: A Sustainable Model for Hoopa

Dear Two Rivers Tribune,

Reading the Nov 5th issue brought a clearer emerging debate of a sustainable model for Hoopa.  I would suggest, that one of the most important elements the native community should work with would be to develop its resources (ie: the land) for its own community.  If federal budget cuts are looming and tribal programs like food stamps are being cut, why not consider a business development on tribal land for sustainable food production.  Have some land partitioned off to accommodate thousands of square feet of open arable soil and even greenhouses.  It would even generate employment for local residents and, if created in the right framework, lead to healthier lifestyles and galvanize community support. Locals need to network, step up and engage the council with practical business models.

I would also entertain looking at potential grants at the Humboldt Area Foundation.  Even getting the children’s school food all locally grown would be a huge shift towards furthering tribal sovereignty, in my opinion.

Russell Pace
Willow Creek, CA

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December 4th, 2013


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