‘Owhwhe: Hoopa’s Public Library Has More Than Just Books

By JACQUELINE LETALIEN, Kim Yerton Memorial Library

One of my neighbors has created new names for what I do at the library.  One is “Book Lady”.  I am pretty sure, if memory serves, this is the first time in my increasingly long life anyone has called me a lady.  The moniker serves to remind me that much of this column and my responsibility at the library is concerned with books.  I encourage people to read books.  Reading has bountiful benefits.

That said, the reality is that of all the sections, in the library the one that has the highest circulation rate is the DVD collection.  I recently was recommended one of the movies as a nice story.  It is entitled Big Ideas.  This is a story about an immigrant family of mother and son.  They are Hungarians recently moved to England.  They struggle, survive and ultimately thrive.

Among the challenges is the fact that, while the mother can speak English very well, she cannot read a word of it.  This creates difficulties for her.  She cannot read subway or street signs.  When she asks for directions, people always respond with the street names on signs.  She gets lost.  She cannot read a job application.  She cannot read notes from her son’s school.  Whenever this “secret” is revealed, the revelation causes her acute embarrassment.

There are myriad practical uses for reading in daily life, for success in that life.  Often reading provides a quiet harbor in the midst of too much activity.  Sitting to read a book is really calming for the nervous system.  There are some grand rewards in reading too:  inspiration for imagination, clues to cultural heritage, incitement to great accomplishments and encouragement for “big ideas”.  The books can be read absolutely for free when borrowed from the library.  All that knowledge, adventure is absolutely freeing.

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October 8th, 2013

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