Warriors Tame Wildcats

Charlie Moon sank another in a seemingly endless series of baskets during the game against the Ferndale Wildcats on Friday, Jan. 11, 2013.

By KRISTAN KORNS, Two Rivers Tribune

Two of Hoopa Valley High School’s four basketball teams defeated the Ferndale Wildcats in a packed hometown gymnasium on Friday, Jan. 11, 2013.

JV Girls and Varsity Boys battled the odds, and the flu, to emerge victorious.

Boyd Ferris, boys Varsity basketball assistant coach, said before the game, “The energy was really good in the locker room. We’re rebounding from that loss in Arcata, where we had a lot of players sick with the flu. A couple are still battling with it.”

The evening started fast, with the JV Lady Warriors steamrolling the Wildcats 21-2 in the first quarter.

When Hoopa’s starters took a rest in the second quarter, Ferndale managed to score a few more points, but still ended the half behind 27-12.

Jessica Ammon, the girl’s JV Coach, said, “I had my subs finish that last quarter to get playing time. We’ve come a long way compared to the start of the season. I’m confident in the team.”

That confidence seemed to be well-placed, as they went on to defeat the Wildcats 43-20.

Two Lady Warriors, Vanessa Bussell and Winnie Carpenter, together scored more points than the entire opposing team, with 11 for Bussell and 12 for Carpenter.

Rhea McCoy said she was nervous before the game.

“But once we started to get into it, the win just came naturally,” McCoy said. “It feels great.”

The last game of the night ended with almost the same point spread as the first game, but was much harder fought, ending with one Hoopa player headed to the hospital with bruised ribs.

Tahn Blake, collided with two Ferndale players at the end of the court, and the three ended up in a pile of limbs just past the basket with only a few minutes left in the game.

Blake was taken from the court and had his ribs checked out by an ambulance crew from K’ima:w Medical Center, before being transported to the coast for x-rays.

The Warriors seemed unstoppable throughout most of the game, bouncing passes under the legs of the Wildcats, and featuring behind the back catches and leaping dunks by Brandon Colegrove that looked like ninja moves.

A girl in the crowd said loudly, “It’s like a show game!”

Charlie Moon, shooting guard for the Warriors and another crowd favorite, sank a ridiculous number of three pointers during the game, and racked up a total of 31 points himself.

Harlee Grant, the team’s statistician, looked up from her clipboard and said, “Charlie Moon has seven three-pointers!”

Tule O’Rourke said, “His record was nine, last year against Ferndale.”

After the game, Logan Ferris explained the between-leg passes and seemingly unstoppable Warrior offense.

“They’ve always played a two-three on us. That’s just their style of play,” Ferris said. “We’ve been studying their defense and working on how to break it down.”

JV Girls Hoopa def. Ferndale 43-20. / JV Boys Ferndale def. Hoopa 71-52. / Varsity Girls Ferndale def. Hoopa 42-23. / Varsity Boys Hoopa def. Ferndale 76-44.

CORRECTION: In last week’s basketball story, we reported that player Than Blake suffered bruised ribs in the game against Ferndale.  X-rays later revealed that several of Blake’s ribs had been fractured. He is doing well, and is expected to make a full recovery.

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