VOICES: Opinion by Weitchpec Magnet School

Dear Two Rivers Tribune,

Our Weitchpec Elementary Yurok Magnet Program would like to thank many families and community businesses for helping make our Kee-puen Pel’ Son’ (Winter Program) a special, fun-filled night!  Our staff, volunteers, and families that cooked, as well as helped with activities, went above and beyond to create community spirit and unity.  WEYMP would like to show appreciation and thank our principal Matt Malkus – community input/delivery, Sherry O’Rourke-Dinner,  Linda Wildman-Program/Dinner, Donna Albers –Program/Dinner,  Maria Ulrich- Event Preparation, Carole Lewis – Yurok Language Song, Robert R. Kinney – Yurok Language Storytelling, Tina Marier – Music Program, Kirsten Kleinman – Dinner, Kirsten Yergensen –Youth KLOC, Phil Albers – opening words, Maria Robbins-pies, Toby VanLandingham – KLOC/fish, Alita Redner – Dinner, McConnell Family & Clarissa Readen-Cookie-decorating, Samala Maloney – Dinner, Eli Supahan – guest speaker, Joel & Shaonna Chase – guest speaker, Windy Morton – door prizes, the Lewis Family – dinner, the Sanchez Family –guest speaker, Thomas & Alex Nix – preparation, Phila Tidwell – dinner, Sandra Lowry – delivery, Elsie Mclaughlin-Feliz – acorns/JOM, Willow Creek Ray’s Food Place, Sun Valley Floral Farms, and Building Healthy Communities KLOC -turkeys.  Our students were the heart of the night and the center of our world:  Mykyla Sanchez, Mach Albers, Daryl Frank, Joseph Bennett, Andrew Salinas, Rian Tracy, Ihaan Albers, Phyre Sanchez, Presley Harmon, Lily Nix-Peters, Rachel Rakestraw, Naomi Bennett, Pearl Moon, Arayah Hoaglin, David Murphy, and Ryan Harrington.  You are superstars!

Weitchpec Magnet School

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