River Rush

Trial runners gathered in Somes Bar for a mock River Rush run. The real run will be held on September 8, 2012./Photo courtesy of Lisa Morehead-Neuner

By Lisa Morehead-Neuner, TRT Contributing Writer

Employees and friends of the Mid Klamath Watershed Council gathered at 6:30 am last week on the Salmon River Bridge in Somes Bar for a trial run of their “Klamath River Rush.” A little more than an hour later, each and every one of the participants reached the finish line.

“I never thought I would make it,” happily confessed 15 year old Annie Neuner.

The real run, a fundraiser, is scheduled for September 8th @ 10:00am starting on the Humboldt County end of the Salmon River Bridge on Highway 96 – that’s close to the Salmon River Outpost in Somes Bar. Optimistically, we are calling it the “first annual.”

Geena Talley, 15, said that it was important to her to take part.

“Setting an example for healthy living just feels right,” she said.

Another participant, Jessica Staufer, also reported that the sense of community was her main motivation.

“I am really happy to be able to support MKWK in this way, but the real fun is in the community effort and in meeting new people,” Stauffer said.

For the Klamath River Rush run, participants are asked to either gather at least $20 worth of pledges for as many miles as they think they can run or walk, or make a $20 donation for the Panamnik Building Project. Custom t-shirts will also be sold to fund the cause. The run will be followed by a barbeque and music at the Panamnik Building.

For more information please contact Meredith Morehead @ 530/627-3202

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  1. Nice, but there’s no mention of how long this trial run was? How many miles? Great idea, especially if there’s traffic control (they are running on/in the road?).

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