Marching with a Message

Gary “Koo” Lewis (left), Michael Gabriel (right), and Angel Gabriel (on shoulders), marched from Vista Point to Norton Field in Hoopa on Wednesday, Aug. 15 with other participants from the three-day Family Camp in support of a drug-free lifestyle. /Photo by Kristan Korns, Two Rivers Tribune

After three days of group activities in Pookey’s Park, participants from the Family Camp marched through Hoopa to push for a clean, drug-free community on Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012.

The families walked from Vista Point up the length of the valley to past Mill Creek. Many held signs with anti-drug messages.

Dorothy Sylvia said “This is a wellness walk to fight addiction and to support healthy families.”

The march was on the last day of the three-day camp, which featured group events and classes in traditional cultural activities.

Erica Ammon said “Girls have been making dolls with traditional regalia, and boys have been carving wooden needles to make fishing nets.”
There were also guest speakers who talked about subjects like meth and suicide awareness and prevention.

Rhonda Bigovich carried a sign that said ‘Drugs suck a lot.’

“We’re marching to demonstrate our beliefs about getting drugs out of our valley,” Bigovich said, “and to keep our culture strong.”

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