Humboldt and Trinity Counties Crack Down on Pot Grows

Partial photo of marijuana garden raided in the Mill Creek Drainage of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation./Photo courtesy of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office


Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by Hoopa Valley Tribal Police, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Marshal’s Office, California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, Hubmodlt County Drug Task Force, Bureau of Land Managmenet and the Campaiagn Against Marijuana Planting eradicated 26,600 marijuana plants ranging from four to six feet in height in the Mill Creek drainage on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation.
Two helicopters were utilized in the eradication. Several loads of garbage were also removed. The investigation is ongoing.


Durign the week of August 6, Officers with the Trinity County Narcotics Task Force, U.S. Forest Service, Campaign Against Marijuana Planting and the North State Marijuana Investigation Team, eradicated clandestine marijuana grows on the National Forest property—Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Six Rivers National Forest—within Trinity County.
Approximately 21,000 growing marijuana plants were seized along with 200 pounds of processed marijuana.
All sites were returned to their natural state. Camps, garbage, water lines and any other items located were removed via helicopter. Throughout the course of the operation two firearms were also seized from living quarters located at the grow sites.

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  1. Karuk_1 says:

    It is just terrible how these pot growers destroy our natural habitat.And some call themselves environmentalists..

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