Governor Brown Slashes Budget


Governor Jerry Brown signed a budget that slashes state employee salaries by five percent and cuts Medi-Cal by $1 billion while adding 75 new positions to perform preliminary engineering and design work for environmentally destructive peripheral canal or tunnel. Brown claims this balanced state budget protects funding for education and public safety while cutting $8 billion from government to close to a $15.7 billion deficit and build a reserve of nearly $1 billion. The budget slashes spending in almost every part of the state and enacts significant welfare reform while increasing funding for K-12 education by 14 percent, pending voter approval of the governor’s initiative, according to a statement from the governor’s office. This addition of these new positions comes at a time of record budget deficits when state workers are being asked to scale back their pay and essential services, including health care for children and Medi-Cal, are being cut. So these 75 new workers will be employed to work on a project where the costs are 2.5 times larger than the benefits again, while existing jobs, services and programs are facing the budget axe. To see the budget in full visit


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July 1st, 2012


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