Studio 299-Center for the Arts Receives Headwaters Fund Grant

PRESS RELEASE, Studio 299-Center for the Arts

Studio 299 – Center for the Arts has recently purchased property in Willow Creek’s downtown area, at 75 The Terrace, where they are creating a permanent home. For over 20 years Studio 299 has worked in the community to quietly network between artists and local businesses. It is their strongest desire to have a creatively, beautiful site from which they can be a hub for innovative ideas on how to live artistically. In a symbiotic relationship with Studio 299, Creekside Arts and Education held classes, and will continue to do so, on this site. Creekside is a project-based alternative learning co-op with an emphasis on the arts.

With the help of a $40,000 grant from the Headwaters Fund, Studio 299 will be building a 1,000 sq. ft. multipurpose facility. Once completed the building will be open to the community to enjoy shows featuring different local arts and artist, as well as workshops and classes. They are asking for the community’s ideas and participation. The building plans for the new facility have been in the works all winter and Studio 299-Center for the Arts intends to break ground late May or early June. “The site is a dream manifesting itself. We hope the community will embrace us,” said Mediha Saliba of Studio 299.

If you have any questions, would like to participate, or contribute, call (530) 629-3488.  Ask for Mediha or Gil. Studio 299- Center for the Arts would like to recognize the generosity of the Headwaters Fund. Without their mutual vision for helping the arts, this project would take a lot longer to complete.

“It is organizations like the Headwaters Fund that help small communities like ours establish and provide a window into the future,” said Saliba.

Studio 299 is also grateful to the Headwaters Fund, their board, and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors for their encouragement and support.


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