‘Owhwhe (I’m reading)

By Jacqueline Letalien, Friends of the Kim Yerton Memorial Library

The ability to read is a passport to the acquisition of knowledge, a world of possibilities and accomplishment of basic tasks.  In a recent class visit to the library, we listed the various basics for which reading is useful:  reading menus, maps, equipment instructions (i.e. a stereo), road signs.  We can learn to play the guitar, build a deck, repair a car, cook a recipe.

Reading can also bring us from the basics to more complex knowledge. We can learn about nature, cultures, peoples, philosophy, healing herbs. While reading gives us possibilities for learning myriad facts, it also expands our thinking, way of being, relationships with each other.

Recently a girl who is an avid reader extolled the positive effect that reading has on imagination.  When we read we can visualize the world created in, the characters populating a story.  The images aren’t fabricated for us in a movie.  Reading is always a more broad, full, rich experience.  We aren’t an audience as at the movies; reading pulls us into the story’s environment.  We are enticed to co-create with the author.

To encourage reading, the library is again offering full summer programming and rewards to encourage youngers to read.  While we have begun signing up readers, there is still time to join in the fun.  Our next storytelling event will be Thursday, June 28 from 12-1pm at the library.  Each event throughout the summer will include the telling of a story as well as crafts fun.

The theme of this year’s Summer Reading Club is “Dream Big.”  This is an opportunity to expand horizons, understanding and reading ability.  Not only will we dream big, we will become big with expanded knowledge.
We’d like to thank this year’s local sponsors: Burger Barn, Coast Central Credit Union, Friends of the Kim Yerton Memorial Library, Hoopa Minimart, Pizza Factory as well as Humboldt County Round Table Pizza.

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June 15th, 2012


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