State of the State: Peripheral Canal Will Not ‘Mend’ Anything

By TRT Staff

In his State of the State Address on January 18, Governor Jerry Brown emphasized his commitment to fast-tracking the construction of the peripheral canal through the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). Brown said that water is a huge issue to be tackled and said the BDCP process will restore the Delta ecosystem and create new habitat for spawning fish and other wildlife. Brown said, Last week, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar met in Sacramento with those in his administration who are working to complete the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. Together they agreed that by this summer they should have the basic elements of the project they need to build. This is something his father worked on and then he worked on decades ago. They know more now and are committed to the dual goals of restoring  the Delta ecosystem and ensuring a reliable water supply. Delta advocates oppose the construction of the peripheral canal because it could lead to the extinction of Central Valley steelhead, Sacramento River chinook salmon, Delta and Longfin smelt, Sacramento spittail, green sturgeon and other fish species.


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January 10th, 2012


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