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Tea McGinnis.

Tea McGinnis, Girls Basketball Hoopa Elementary School

By Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune

Look out Hoopa High, the all-tourney Braves baller, Tea McGinnis is on her way to the big girl court next season. You might also see the 13 year-old on the track and the softball field, but basketball is her game.

TRT: Which sport is your favorite and why?
TM: Basketball is my favorite. I didn’t really want to play at first but my mom and dad pushed me into it. I started to like it and I realized that I am pretty good at it.
TRT: What’s your position?
TM: I play down on block and sometimes on the wing. I am tallest on the team.
TRT: What do you dislike about your sport?
TM: Bad games when the refs don’t make fair calls. I also don’t like it when teammates get over excited and start blaming each other for mistakes, then everybody gets grouchy.
TRT: What are your strengths?
TM: Bringing the ball down the court and swatting the ball.
TRT: What are your weaknesses?
TM: I need to work on my three-point shots and free throws.
TRT: What are your goals for next season?
TM: I need to at least make the team and try to be better than I was this year.
TRT: Who’s your biggest fan?
TM: My family.
TRT: What’s your most memorable moment from last season?
TM: When I got MVP at the Trinity Valley Tournament. We won the tournament. That was pretty cool.

McGinnis also earned the all-tourney honor at the Crescent City and Jacoby Creek tournaments.
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December 28th, 2011


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