TRT Stargazer Horoscopes by Vivian Carol (12/28/11-1/3/12)

Overview for All Signs: See next week’s column for the annual individual sign projections.

The years 2008 through 2015 are a challenge for the average person.  The cosmic arrangement over these years is almost a replica of what astrologers call “The Depression T square” of the 1930’s. The road to recovery requires significant patience and adaptability from each of us.  It is already altering our values. Materialism as the false god is slowly fading away for the masses. Good riddance.  Environmental consciousness is steadily increasing. This is definitely a plus. By 2015 we will be extremely aware of the world’s water supply, which is becoming more toxic every day. No longer will that issue be “over there”.  Invest in clean energy and water as those are the “must have” of the future.

We have arrived at the long awaited “2012”. No doubt almost every individual is aware that Dec. 21, 2012 has been touted by many as a significant end time, identified by the Mayans and others. Unfortunately, there will likely be some deranged individuals who feel it necessary to insure an end time in their particular localities. This date is the end of what the Mayans called the 13th b’ak’tun. One b’ak’tun is the equivalent of 5,125 years. The current beliefs about this upcoming date range from Armageddon to an ecstatic walk into spiritual salvation.

We need to look at the magic date with the perspective of history.  If we subtract 5,125 years (one b’ak’tun) from the present date we arrive very close to 3,000 BCE. That is the generalized date identified by academics as a turning point for human civilization.  At that time writing was invented which brought a tumble of new world developments in civilization. It did not happen overnight.

I think it is entirely possible that the present day pivotal “turning point” invention is the Internet, which allows almost instantaneous communications all over the globe. That brings us one step closer in evolution to telepathy, which clearly humankind is trying to materialize, consciously or not. The need to be “connected” by ever faster cell phones and Internet social mechanisms is dizzying.

During this decade every equinox and solstice will bring significant news of damage resulting from human greed and inconsideration of the natural world. This is and will be particularly so near each spring equinox, within a month of Mar. 21st. In 2010 we had the explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and a serious bottom in the stock market.  In 2011 the earthquake and tsunami in Japan has wrought enormous devastation and the potential for major radiation poisoning of the air and water.  That story is not yet over.

Class wars will continue to intensify throughout the world. The global economy will be shaky throughout this decade, but particularly through 2015. It is entirely possible that the basis of the world’s financial system will dramatically change before the end of 2014. We in the US may only have another couple of years to enjoy the privilege of having the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

This year, just before the Presidential election, Saturn moves into the sign of Scorpio. The Plutocrats will buy the election and the following 2.5 years will be a time of more deeply lining the pockets of the wealthy.  Taxes will likely steeply increase.

It may seem overwhelming to take on the challenges facing the masses. What we have on our side is exactly that: sheer numbers.  Each of us can choose a fresh paradigm of thought for that which is happening personally. As individuals, we are not doomed to be in replay mode forever. If you have an issue and can think of no solution, hold the question in mind before you go to sleep and ask your higher mind for the answer. Trust that an answer will be there within a reasonable period of time–maybe two or three days. Refuse to follow any path you know is not working. Given you have a positive expectation, a fresh and improved version of dealing with any issue may be available for evaluation in the morning. Or it may simply fall into your conscious mind during the day.

If we refuse to play the same old tapes, the mind will come up with better solutions. Just as we have “refused” by moving our checking accounts and OWS. Our minds are naturally lazy and will keep reproducing the same scenarios unless we demand that it reinvent answers. We need to focus on pressing our brains to expand into fresh territory.  Think about your habits and eliminate those which harm you. The problems of the world are not solved because we as a species are not mature enough to clean up the mess. We are looking for rescue.  Instead we must consciously stretch toward a greater maturity individually. If enough of us do this, it will ultimately result in better use of our brains that can actually resolve our social issues.


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December 1st, 2011



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