Bigfoot Hunters Cause a Stir in the Klamath-Trinity Region

Cliff Barakman (left) and BoBo Fay (right) ate at every Willow Creek restaurant during their 12-day stay in the Klamath Trinity region searching for Bigfoot. The film retrieved will become a 2-hour special on the Discovery Channel’s Amimal Planet. / Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune.

Animal Planet Tight Lipped About Upcoming Episode in Bigfoot ‘Mecca’

By Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune

The helicopters hovering over Bald Hill in Hoopa last week had locals stirring. Rumors flew just as fast as the choppers. First it was a man hunt that was too high profile to be heard on the scanner. Then it was CAMP looking for marijuana grows with infrared technology. Then it was the government investigating a fallen meteorite.

Turns out it was the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) and a film crew from Animal Planet—but we didn’t hear that from them.

After searching high and low for the BRFO team last week a surprise encounter occurred at Raging Creek Pub and Eatery in Willow Creek. Over an Ahi Tuna salad and Steelhead Ale, local bigfoot enthusiast BoBo Fay tried not to spill the beans.

“We all signed non-disclosure agreements with the network,” he said. “But, what do you want to know? Ask some questions and I’ll answer them if I can.”

Bobo is a co-star of the Animal Planet series titled Finding Bigfoot. He’s the tracker on the four-person cast.

We sat next to Renae, the fisheries biologist from Seattle who tries to “keep it real on the show,” she said. She kept her eyes down throughout most of the interview busily fretting over a North Coast Journal crossword puzzle. Periodically she would intervene or give BoBo the eye and tell him to quit talking to the press.

They couldn’t say this, they couldn’t say that, but what BoBo did say was that he’s from the area, a resident of the North Coast who’s worked as a commercial fisherman and as a woodsman in the Orleans and Bald Hills area—where he had his most memorable and intense encounter with the big, hairy man of the forest, aka Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. It wasn’t until 2010 when he became a celebrity, doing what he loves best—Squatchin’.

“I heard howling, but it wasn’t a wolf or a dog. It was big,” he said. “It was the loudest gnarliest thing ever.”

He thinks it was a territorial howl. He was in bigfoot’s zone. This was back in May of 2001. he remembers the date too, May 21, 2001. And the location—Johnson’s Road in Bald Hills. After the howling he saw two figures come from the tree line into a meadow. He described the figures to be 10 feet tall with a shoulder width of about 4 feet. One of the figures snapped a tree off, then another tree.

“It was like a full gale wind shaking the trees,” he said. “They ran so fast. It was like being at the fair when the horses run by during a race. The ground shakes.”

He hollered back, but they were gone. And, when his fear wore off he went down the hill to get a witness. He wanted someone other than him to see and hear what he did that night.

Rumor has it that once you see bigfoot you go crazy. BoBo seemed sane, but when he returned to the same place the following day he found nothing except tracks and broken trees. Since then he’s had several encounters and has investigated and tracked bigfoot all over the world.

“If you ever hear about a crazy guy who brings in bear scat, it’s probably me,” he said.

He’s even froze scat to later have it tested at a lab. Most of the time the results come back saying it’s consistent with bear scat, but he said, Bigfoot survives on a similar diet. “Their omnivores,” he said.

Bobo said most of what he’s learned about bigfoot he’s learned from Natives. Some Natives believe bigfoot is a shape shifter or a spiritual creature.

“Who am I to tell them they’re wrong,” he said. “But, bigfoot is a physical creature with physical behaviors. They have hair, scat, foot prints, etc.”

BoBo is more focused on the physical proof of bigfoot. And, so is Renae. Also, Cliff Barakman is a bigfoot evidence analyst who goes through evidence with a fine tooth comb.

The fourth and final cast member, who is supposedly the star of the show, Matt Moneymaker, was not there—something the cast and crew didn’t seem too sad about.



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August 23rd, 2011



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  1. Shelly Middleton says:

    Ms. Hostler, as a fellow journalist, I was completely intrigued by this article! Very well written and amusing to say the least! Kudos to the TRT! Love you guys!

  2. A clear case of “How Legends Are Born.”
    Didn’t they fly over the Brush Dance ceremonial grounds, too?

    Don’t blame Cliff and Bobo, though.

    Willow Creek
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