Upstart Hoopa Track and Field an Instant Success

Hoopa Elementary School Track and Field Team./Photo by Iska George, Two Rivers Tribune

By ISKA GEORGE, Two Rivers Tribune 

After a four- year stretch without having a track and field team Hoopa Elementary school decided it was time to revive the athletics program. Coaches Sarah Elle and Jeff Landry are seeing positive results. Since track is a new program for this generation of children it would be the first year any of the children would be taking part in track and field. Jeff Landry says the goal of the program is to get the Children College bound and give them aspirations when looking toward the future.

Upstart Hoopa Elementary children into a top five team in Humboldt which has 25 -plus teams. Despite it being their first season some have already managed to be ranked highly in the state of California. Cole Kane ranking number two overall in the men’s 6lb-96 shot put and number four overall in the men’s 1kg-100 discuss. Another standout was Tristin Moon who ranked fourth overall in California in men’s 1.6kg-26 discuss and 27th overall in men’s 8lb-96 shot put Chanelle McCullough and Naishan Richards both managed to break the top 15 in California in Women’s discuss and the top 22 in women’s shot put..

Coach Landry said “This season was phenomenal I’ve coached throwing for years and I never had a group this decorated.”

Landry also pointed out that much of the success can be attributed to the instruction and inspiration Alanna Nulph provided for the children. The college level instruction helped in teaching these children the many techniques and complicated aspects of the sport. Nulph was also a role model for the children since she had gone on to college with a full ride track and field scholarship. “she is the best coach I’ve ever had,” Landry said.

The athletes were excited about the results of the season. When asked if she was surprised with the instant success that the team had Chanelle McCullough replied, “I was just amazed because in my first track meet I took first.”

The Boy’s rising Warrior award recipient Tristin Moon said that, “I’m not amazed at all because I was born to be recognized.”

Cole Kane is already looking forward to next year and also expanding his repertoire to include the sprint events.

When asked how long he plans to keep the program Landry said, “we’ll keep it going as long as they let us.”

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